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  1. Hi folks, do you know when I can pick up my will call tickets? The info on the website of the SAP Center is not as good as on other arena's websites. Not even an e-mail address is there. Do you know it? Thanks, see ya.
  2. Hi folks, I have tickets in "row G". That's behind the stage. Is that the first row behind the stage at T-Mobile Arena? I saw different seating charts. Anybody in the know? Thank you!
  3. No guarantee. But I know people who did that successfully on the last few tours.
  4. Of course you can transfer RZ tickets. The safest way is to give the new ticket holder a copy of your CC and your ID and a kind of letter in which you confirm that the new ticket holder has your permission. if you don’t wanna give away your CC just leave that away. It will even work without it.
  5. Remember the 360 tour in 2010. they didn’t visit Ireland, UK, Netherlands. That was crazy.
  6. Zurich 2 on the 360 in 2010 was the „show of the shows“. They haven’t played there since. It doesn’t mean anything if a show was good. Btw London 2 and Manchester 2 are still not sold out.
  7. That’s not correct. GA tix are 70 pounds and the most expensive regular tickets are 190 pounds.
  8. http://www.u2songs.com/news/u2_manager_guy_oseary_responds_to_fans_concerns_of_ei_tour_pre_sales
  9. It‘s pretty clear that the band members don’t care. Just remember that open letter that the fan sites sent to Guy Oseary. His answer showed that he (and he represents U2) doesn’t care.
  10. @sm2112 has already pointed out that U2 have sold themselves to Live Nation - and LN owns Ticketmaster. U2 have NO influence anymore. It's not U2 who make ticket prices and bundles, it's TM or LN. @dazed and confused When it all comes down ticket prices for U2eiTour are pretty fair. GAs for 90 Euros is ok.! Cheaper than other big groups, no "early entry" or "FOS". That's very good. It could have been worse. Even the highest category with approx. 230 Euros is ok., Of course it's too much but in the live industry of nowadays that is the price you have to pay. Of course the allocation is in parts terrible. Selling upper level seats for that price is ridiculous. Overall U2 many other bands like ACDC, Justin Timberlake, Guns N Roses, Springsteen are more expensive. The second market is a different world.
  11. I just got a code. (provided info to the mods hours ago). 8 capital letters. Were they not supposed to start with U18A...? Thanks a lot to all mods on the boards. And good luck to everybody out there who is trying to get a code and tix!
  12. Will we get a third mail that everything’s solved and will get Codes as promised in first mail???
  13. Same with me. I got a confirmation e-mail that I get access to presales and two hours later I got a correction e-mail that they made a mistake and that I would not be allowed to take part. Thanks for any help! @zoo mods
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