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  1. Exellent gig though. 100 times better than in San Jose where the sound was just terrible there for the 2 nights.
  2. Got given wristbands for the South side (after asking for the preference) , i,e Adam's side.....only to get in and not be let in that side as Adam's side was in fact the North side! Since when?! The staff weren't having it even when I walked back over ten minutes later. Also, those let into Adam's side were able to change sides if they wanted as Edge's side wasn't taped off. Only those in Edge's side weren't allowed to walk round to Adam's side. As far as I'm aware all shows up until now (including two I've already attended) the Edge's side has been the North side and Adam's side the South side. Not a big deal as still got a great spot on a rail as we had low numbers but I wonder if just another farce by the O2 not knowing what they were doing! It took forever for the staff to swipe credit cards, they admitted they didn't know what they were doing as they hadn't done it before and then it took forever getting the wristbands put on, just beyond a joke by that point! I'm not surprised by reading the comments above about what happened to those higher up in the queue and yep, the 6 pens were also a joke, they staff had no idea how to organise that properly either!
  3. As far as I remember when I was at both San Jose shows, they swiped the credit card used for payment but didn't ask for photo ID.
  4. Now there are student tickets going on sale in the general sale on Monday - this wasn't listed yesterday on Ticketmaster. Doesn't even say if it's just for Irish residents or not. So a bulk of tickets being kept back for that. And Red Zone/Music Generation are not available on pre-sale to those living outside Ireland. A big mess up with all the codes is making this all such a wonderful experience!
  5. So are Ticketmaster giving the option to actually buy G.A on pre-sale to those people whose codes happen to work?
  6. Intro song - Teenage Kicks by The Undertones 1. The Miracle 2. Out Of Control 3. California 4. Like A Song 5. A Sort Of Homecoming 6. Iris 7. A Celebration 8. Gloria 9. 11 O' Clock Tick Tock 10. Party Girl 11. Drowning Man 12. Song For Someone (acoustic) 13. Kite 14. Every Breaking Wave (electric) 15. Cedarwood Road 16. Running To Stand Still 17. Streets 18. Trip Through Your Wires 19. Exit Encore 1 20. The Crystal Ballroom (with a snippet of Le Freak - Chic!) 21. Discotheque Encore 2 22. Invisible 23. Mercy 24. 40 In the gap between the last support act and when U2 come on stage there is usually a bunch of songs played - have those songs chosen by the band - the songs that influenced them back when they first started/corresponds with them making S.O.I. Do the same after the show when everyone is leaving.
  7. Overall I like the album a lot, I did from the first listen and still do countless times later. But it needs at least a year or two/after tour time to see if it stands the test of time. The Miracle I couldn't care for....on the album at least. But I heard and saw it live at the Graham Norton show and it was great and full of energy so it works live very well indeed. For me it's like Elevation, I'll skip it on the album but hearing it live works a treat. What I don't like on the album - The Troubles. I'm probably one of few to dislike it I know. I just don't take to it or get what all the raves are about. Firstly, I personally don't like it when they put a track on an album which has someone else singing on it. Secondly, I find Lykke Li's voice irritating and depressing.....as she is on her own songs. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she won't be the support artist on the tour! Would have been better if they had swapped The Troubles with the alternative version which has Edge's vocals. The Crystal Ballroom I'm loving and I would have much preferred that on the album although it's not really the right style of song that fits in with the rest. As for the Acoustic versions on the Deluxe - Song for Someone works great and is outstanding live. EBW, that's very good although I much prefer the electric version. (best song on the album for me) The other acoustic versions on the Deluxe.......sorry but they're bloody terrible!!
  8. 1. Achtung Baby 2. The Joshua Tree 3. War
  9. Nice if you ever get bored of them i'll look after them for you Hehe....so kind!
  10. Brilliant, so pleased you got to see them , looking forward to the pics. Bono's quite sweet like that, after the Wembley gigs way back when he met fans one of the first things he asked while signing autographs was what the sound was like, there had been some probs and he was genuinely interested in getting it right so fans weren't disappointed. Good man! Thanks Anjana. It's good that some things never change....good man indeed!
  11. Amazing day at the show, thanks Alec/Utwothefly So cool to see and hear them in such a small setting. The acoustic Song for Someone was outstanding......Bono's voice was on fire. Afterwards Bono was genuinely interested to hear feedback regarding preference for the electric or acoustic version of that song and also Every Breaking Wave. Guess they're figuring out what might work best for the tour. It was great to meet all you other Zootops Photo's to come.
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