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  1. Exellent gig though. 100 times better than in San Jose where the sound was just terrible there for the 2 nights.
  2. Got given wristbands for the South side (after asking for the preference) , i,e Adam's side.....only to get in and not be let in that side as Adam's side was in fact the North side! Since when?! The staff weren't having it even when I walked back over ten minutes later. Also, those let into Adam's side were able to change sides if they wanted as Edge's side wasn't taped off. Only those in Edge's side weren't allowed to walk round to Adam's side. As far as I'm aware all shows up until now (including two I've already attended) the Edge's side has been the North side and Adam's side the South side. Not a big deal as still got a great spot on a rail as we had low numbers but I wonder if just another farce by the O2 not knowing what they were doing! It took forever for the staff to swipe credit cards, they admitted they didn't know what they were doing as they hadn't done it before and then it took forever getting the wristbands put on, just beyond a joke by that point! I'm not surprised by reading the comments above about what happened to those higher up in the queue and yep, the 6 pens were also a joke, they staff had no idea how to organise that properly either!
  3. As far as I remember when I was at both San Jose shows, they swiped the credit card used for payment but didn't ask for photo ID.
  4. Now there are student tickets going on sale in the general sale on Monday - this wasn't listed yesterday on Ticketmaster. Doesn't even say if it's just for Irish residents or not. So a bulk of tickets being kept back for that. And Red Zone/Music Generation are not available on pre-sale to those living outside Ireland. A big mess up with all the codes is making this all such a wonderful experience!
  5. So are Ticketmaster giving the option to actually buy G.A on pre-sale to those people whose codes happen to work?
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