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  1. Careful. You might get banned for speaking ill of you know who and the you know what.
  2. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm pretty sure you need to just chill out. The whole thing is a joke. Does it offend you? Well...in the words ofyour hero himself, "Am I bugging you? Don't mean to bug you...."
  3. TV on the Radio was pretty damned awesome when I saw them. They were opening for Franz Ferdinand, but I thought they stole the show.
  4. I heard an interview with Steven the other day, and he was saying that it was just time for a life change. If you consider that he's been playing in thisband for 20 years, that's a long time to keep one job. Now, while some bands (U2 for instance) would be happy to keep it going, I think that Steven didlegitimately want to have a change in career path. Apparently he has been working on some local theatre productions and he wants to spend more time doing that,instead of touring. In any case, it won't be the same without him. But, i've always loved Ed's lyrics/singing too.
  5. Anybody else completely shocked/stunned by the news that Steven Page is leaving the Barenaked Ladies? I know that the whole drug arrest thing this past summerwas a shocker too, but now this! Yikes...
  6. Yeah...I didn't quite understand the purpose of the Recipes section. I haven't ventured in there yet, so maybe there are some things in there that areworthwhile though?
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