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  1. Also willing to buy a Pitch 2 if trading doesn't work....
  2. Probably a long shot, but might as well try....I want to swap a Pitch 1 GA ticket for a Pitch 2. Alternatively buy a Pitch 2.
  3. LOL actually I'm perfectly content with that one time!
  4. Since tickets are paperless and we'll probably need to enter at the same time, I'd prefer someone willing to line up early/all day
  5. I found some videos and got great photos from people, but now I feel so spoiled and want more! LOL
  6. Thanks Anjana! It was truly an amazing, beautiful experience, can't believe it actually happened!!!
  7. I was the Meerkat girl and I'd love to see more footage from the wonderful moment during Mysterious Ways and Elevation
  8. I'm just wondering what the queuing process will look like if we have to use a different entrance than the standard GAers....
  9. I just got a reply! Hi, A few other customers are in the same boat. We have contacted the venue and they have said they will let you into the venue on the night but you will have to enter via the box office entrance, Regards, Gavin
  10. Can you please post the e mail address for TM. Can't do that, you need to fill in a form.
  11. I paid €155 for 2, do you know if that's the price for normal GAs? Cause then I imagine the student ones are cheaper, which indicates that it must be some error. Plus it says "full price standing ticket" in my order.
  12. OK email sent. I just hope they can fix it!
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