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  1. Thanks for the updated info. It is all clear to me... For now.
  2. Please ask, as in a way the situation is now a bit less clear to me. And maybe all is sorted out fine, but then things are just badly worded. The link you posted is the generic link to create an account at the YES24 site. So now I'm wondering if that's enough. I already did that a few days ago, when I checked out that site. The wording in the U2 FAQ seems to imply however that a special registration is needed for the U2 presale. If so, then I'm wondering how/where to do that. But if it's just enough that you have created an account then I'm OK. In any case, thanks for all the efforts! (Y)
  3. It all worked out in the end, despite some frustrating errors when payment wouldn't come through. Thanks for the info!
  4. I'm a bit confused if the registration form is live/working or not. There is a link on the U2.com/tour page for the Korean show, but I don't see anywhere where I can register myself. Or is the registration on a different page?
  5. Yes, I just got the emails. So I do have those links now. I just wanted to register myself at the site, just so I don't have to worry about that later. Unfortunately, no English language option seems to be available yet.
  6. Is there also an option to any other language than Japanese? Or how did you manage to find the information to register yourself?
  7. So how do you enter the draw for subscribers? I didn't receive any email about that.
  8. This is also still puzzling to me, though my subscription runs until March 2018. I did not use that subscription to buy JT 2017 tickets (that was the previous 'subscription year' that ran until March 2017). Do I now need to extend my subscription already for these ticket presales? After setting everything up for the Ticketmaster Verified Fan thingie my account page says Setup Complete. So that is correct? No renewal necessary (for now)?
  9. I was trying to avoid that much nuance, given the original inquiry was that there wouldn't be any left, heh. :up: Yeah, sometimes a bit too much information can confuse even more. Point taken.
  10. I'm having deja vu from last week. All of the GA for the experience group will be taken by the experience group. The GA held for the innocence group will be available to the innocence group. Whether experience got more (I think they should honestly) or the same is unknown, but it is not one pool of tickets, since many innocence members got GA last week after experience members were unable to... I don't think it's quite like that. Yes, there will be a certain number of GA tickets available for the Experience group and some more will be made available when the pre-sale starts for the Innocence group. But the second bunch of GA will be available for both Experience and Innocence users when they try with the presale on Thursday. Likewise, any tickets (not just GA) left when the exclusive period for Experience users end will also be made available for Innocence users.
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