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    I read that. But they don't even answer something like: "Ok we received your tickets" or something like that. That's not understandable. I'm really angry
  2. Donostia


    I have 2 GA tickets bought for Paris as a member of u2.com, November the 15th. I can't go to December 7th concert. First I didn' receive any email in order to cancel the tickets and get a full refund. Second, I have been trying to contact via email ticketmaster France, and they just won't answer. It's more than 4 e-mal that I have sent in french and english. But they just ignore everything. At this moment I don't know if tickets are cancelled, when and how I am going to get the refund. I think that this is a total lack o respect for customers (and fans). It is offensive to be in such a position. Does anyone have the same experience. Can Baja do something in order to receive just a receipt of my emails. I heard some other spanish fans that they had the same problems.
  3. O2 LOndon, trying for 29 and 30 and AXS system keeps saying code invalid. And that is both for laptop browser or mobile. IS THIS SERIOUS? Any help?
  4. I'm trying for London from Spain and I get a message that the password I entered is invalid. Me and my wife have two subscriptions, and both receive the same answer: The password you entered is invalid
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