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    From the album: All pictures from Muis

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  2. From the album: All pictures from Muis


    © Ilona Muis

  3. dear postman from holland, will you post here if U22 is in your postbag? wil ook heel graag naar U22 luisteren..
  4. still waiting for the postman.......................................................
  5. yes, I was... thanks for your comments everyone!
  6. thanks everyone! when I recieve this collage I'll take a picture of it..somewhere in may...
  7. a third eye on her belly...?? wow...:-)
  8. I'm also curious about the explanation and how the collage in its entirety will look like.. talenthouse made a story about my story.... http://blog.talenthouse.c...esign-winner-ilona-muis/
  9. here you are barbara http://m.talenthouse.com/...submissions/overview/354
  10. dankje! dat doe ik zeker! smiling all day!
  11. [quote name='pain_18_ wrote: muis']thanks folks!! I'm sitting here with a big "U2 smile" ... Good Job, Muis !!! I'm really happy for you !
  12. I am curious how the collage in its entirety will look.. just send the original to talenthouse..
  13. thanks everyone! and the winner of the trabant is: http://blog.talenthouse.com/2012/02/27/achtung-our-u2-winners-are/ Of the 15 winners, Jana Beier has been chosen to receive a custom designed, original Achtung Baby styled Trabant car. congrats jana!
  14. thanks simone, if I speak for myself, it's enriched my life ..:-)
  15. thank you Monica, Seajewal, MacFoley, Xrayjets and U2LAwoman!
  16. thank you! I agree with that! U2 + my U2 friends = One!
  17. [quote name='BigBunny wrote: muis'] http://www.talenthouse.co...y-inspired-collage?tab=0 congrats Muis i voted for you and honestly your entry is the only one that i like. i'm very disappointed that xrayjets 'Swing' didn't make it in most of those chosen i just don't think they say U2... but i'm not the one picking. congrats again! thank you bigbunny! there were so many other great submissions...I don't know where they are looking for.. I'm surprised myself they picked me...
  18. Last saterday I recieved an email from talenthouse, they wanted an interview on skype with all the shortlisted in the U2 Creative Invite from Talenthouse. because my english is not so good, I was pretty nervous about it...:-) They said they may not be able to interview everyone before the deadline, as time was limited. I decided to tell my story in an email, wich a U2 friend of mine translated.. I've had no interview with talenthouse, but this is my story: As my English isn't that good and because I'm pretty nervous about the interview I would first like to dictate something in the hope that by doing so I answer the majority of the questions you had in mind. (I had a friend of mine translate this email for me...) My name is Ilona Muis, I am 49 years old and I live in the Netherlands and I am of course a U2 fan. My brother introduced me to their music 30 years ago, truly fantastic! Thanks to the internet and U2.com I came in touch various Dutch and Belgian U2 "whackos" via the forum. What a blast! Stories about U2, their music, concerts etc continously went back and forth because everyone was overly busy with it. Even to the extreme that various households were regularly neglected :-) With U2 being the binding factor between us all and the virtual contact being so great we decided to make appointments to meet each other in real life but it went even further then that.... When my son was diagnosed with a serious disease and had to be operated on I unexpectedly received an enormous amount of support form these people. This is something I will never forget, this was in the beginning of 2005. Others also shared their personal struggles with each other on "our" forum and everyone had a feeling of unity and involvement. Where else do you experience something like that on a forum? Does it have to do with U2? Yes, I think it does....their lyrics, their music, their characters, U2 inspires us all, even in our day to day lives.... The Vertigo tour started in 2005 and of course we all went to the concerts (be it with or without our partners). I cannot describe hoe fantastic it was to experience this with this group of people....priceless! After the tour we regularly organized and still organize U2 parties in my hometown. I can tell you that we have become a very close group of friends because other then just at U2 concerts we stay in regular contact with each other! The ultimate get together was during U2's previous tour in Dublin. It was one big party there with our group whereby, together with a few other friends, we literally ran into Bono in his favorite pub! When we read about the Achtung Baby competition, I naturally had the urge to make something. I had already been busy with painting in which I let U2 and my U2 friends inspire me. Arabic Spring...Revolution, Faith, Perseverence, Human Rights, Democracy, Hope; all as ONE So many people on the Tahrir Square in Cairo, persevering, with so much hope for a better future..this made me think of the Berlin wall, in the time that Achtung Baby was being recorded in Berlin. The liberation after the suppression.. Even though there is still a long way to go for many Arabic countries where today fighting still takes place, I hope that one day all will have democracy and freedom. In regards to my contribution: Its the spring of new life as represented by the lilies. Lilies are the flowers of easter, symbolizing rebirth. Behind the lilies is a veiled woman, filled with hope but also fears of what is to come. I painted the woman on canvas and afterwards lay the lilies on the canvas and made a picture of that. I then proceeded to process the picture on the computer. I found it an extreme honor to be allowed to participate in the competition and I would like to thank everyone at Talenthouse for the opportunity....even though there was quite some stress involved around the voting procedure... I would also like to thank everyone who voted for me and all of my U2 friends who supported me during this project. I hope the above gives you more insight into me, my motivation, my world. Ilona Muis
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