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  1. Joshua the Bear is travelling to every gig on the Joshua Tree 30 tour in North America and Europe this Summer. We have a number of 'guardians' who have kindly volunteered to keep Joshua fed and watered and take him to the gig to meet people and have a photograph taken. He will also have a book with him for you to write a small piece about the U2 fan community or what it means to be a U2 fan. This book is also a memorial to a dear U2 friend, Alan Robins from the UK who sadly passed away just before the tour started after a short illness. Some of you may know Alan, he was a member of the U2 fan club for many years and travelled worldwide watching this band that he loved so much. We will be passing the book to Alan's family after the tour as a memorial from his U2 friends and the U2 community. If you knew Alan, then maybe you could write a small tribute to him. He has already met Bono, Adam and The Edge but we are trying effortlessly to get him to meet Larry, tough I know! So if you see him, please come and say hello and have a picture taken and write a small piece. He will normally be in the GA line from early to mid morning! Thank you for reading ❤️
  2. Hi......Just trying to get the word spread that Joshua the bear will be at every U2 show on the Joshua Tree 2017 tour both in America and Europe. He is being passed from guardian to guardian at every show and he will have a book with him which you can write a small piece about the U2 'family' or what it means to be a U2 fan. The book is also a tribute to a much loved and long time U2 fan, Alan Robins from the UK who sadly passed away just before the tour started after a short illness. He was a huge U2 fan who had travelled worldwide following the band and may be known to a number of people on here. He had planned to be at a number of shows on this tour. Please try and find him somewhere in the GA line, maybe take a picture and write in the book in the memory of Alan 'UV' Robins ......RIP.
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