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  1. Hello Bigwave,

    I am a long time member and my current subscription is active until 15 july 2018.

    I thought I read somewhere that it's only alble to renew within the last month.

    Is my assumption correct?

    Hope to hear from you.


    Dennis Hendrix (Netherlands)

  2. Looking forward to see them again this year!! Cheers.
  3. Choose countries where they can sing proper English The experience will be the Best!!
  4. I hope I will be in town and not on a summer vacation. Cheers!
  5. Will the LP AVAILABLE in the Netherlands on RSD black friday?
  6. What a night it was. Great concert and enjoyed it together with mij wife. This was number 14 for me and that in de Johan Cruijff Arena, the Dutch Legend number 14!!!! See you soon.
  7. It's June 1993 and Guns N' Roses will play in the Goffertpark Nijmegen (The Netherlands). We, three young lads out of Brunssum, are already into the music, but our parents are not willing to let us go to a Rock convert. They think we are to young to go. Then the father of a friend of mine said he wanted to join us to the convert. We were excited and convinced the other parents to go as well. And so it happened. Three 14/15 years went to Guns N' Roses concert. I remember that The Cult was a supporting act and all the singer could say was F*ck this and F*ck that. In every sentence which
  8. Heb vanacht geprobeerd Milaan kaarten te krijgen. Alles ging goed, tot de betaling. Er stonden 2000 man in de queue om te betalen. Na 10 minuten werd de sessie idle, wat erg vervelend was. Groet, Dennis Hendrix
  9. Het typische is, dat Gelsenkirchen wel in de tekst van concerten staat. Zie onderstaande. ------------------------- The U2 360° Tour (presented by BlackBerry) will visit 14 cities across Europe including dates in Milan, Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice, Dublin, Chorzow, Berlin, Gelsenkirchen, London, Sheffield and Glasgow before finishing at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on August 22. ----------------------------Staat als eerste op de Tour site. Groet, Dennis Hendrix
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