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  1. It's June 1993 and Guns N' Roses will play in the Goffertpark Nijmegen (The Netherlands). We, three young lads out of Brunssum, are already into the music, but our parents are not willing to let us go to a Rock convert. They think we are to young to go.


    Then the father of a friend of mine said he wanted to join us to the convert. We were excited and convinced the other parents to go as well. And so it happened. Three 14/15 years went to Guns N' Roses concert.


    I remember that The Cult was a supporting act and all the singer could say was F*ck this and F*ck that. In every sentence which came out of his mouth the word F*ck was in. This is something we are still talking about, when we pick up memories of this concert. The member of Guns N' Roses were fashionably late and the concert started a couple of hours later than planned. For us this wasn;t a problem because we had so many new impression that we could kill this waiting time easily.


    This concert is the one which made us a member of Rock music and we would go to many many concerts more. Every year we are visiting the Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf were U2 played as well in 1981. We are all hoping to see you there in the near future.


    In the picture attached you can see the three of us, fully dressed up to go to the concert. It was a day to rember and we are still talking about this concert as our Baptism in Rock Music.



    Dennis Hendrix (The Netherlands)



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