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  1. My collectors ticket arrived today for the Dublin show. Nice surprise
  2. Arrived yesterday. I live in the UK. I'm well impressed
  3. HiLive on Scotland (Fife ) and my copy arrived today
  4. Propaganda Does not have the pull out poster Handbook is on the left of the picture Book and vinyl are housed in the top half of the box set
  5. Packaging is high quality. The lid is a large magnet and the tiles stick to the lid very well
  6. Jester007Yes I live in the UKUniversal emailed me yesterday to say the box set was onIt's wayBox is vey heavyI will open the box and email pics shortly
  7. Print - is Achtung Baby album cover. Printed on heavy duty card with white trim, very nice. The number of the print is hand written.
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