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  1. Mr Clayton, during CrazySydney #1 2010 IMG_3688 by xrayjets, on Flickr IMG_3711 by xrayjets, on Flickr I have so many from this song. Adam was near me for ages & I was shooting 4 frames per second..
  2. Sal has a killer Bono photo from Moncton...
  3. xtraspicy62 wrote: how do you do the watermark of your name? Thanks ! For these, I used Photoshop Elements. I've just started using a Mac & Aperture (and haven't yet worked out how to do it )
  4. Some guy, sings a bit Same guy saying hello to the fans the next day.
  5. When I heard REM had split, I fainted into my curry. Thats me in the korma. I'll get my coat..
  6. Mr The Edge kicking the show off with Return of the Stingray guitar; Sydney 1 Same show, SBS.
  7. No one else has any photos to post ?
  8. I've got more...but don't want to hog the whole thread
  9. Best Larry: #10. Sydney 1 December 13 2010
  10. Category 13:fan pictures Las Vegas October 2009. Seriously, who brings a mannequin to a concert ?
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