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  1. Mr Clayton, during CrazySydney #1 2010 IMG_3688 by xrayjets, on Flickr IMG_3711 by xrayjets, on Flickr I have so many from this song. Adam was near me for ages & I was shooting 4 frames per second..
  2. Sal has a killer Bono photo from Moncton...
  3. xtraspicy62 wrote: how do you do the watermark of your name? Thanks ! For these, I used Photoshop Elements. I've just started using a Mac & Aperture (and haven't yet worked out how to do it )
  4. Some guy, sings a bit Same guy saying hello to the fans the next day.
  5. When I heard REM had split, I fainted into my curry. Thats me in the korma. I'll get my coat..
  6. Mr The Edge kicking the show off with Return of the Stingray guitar; Sydney 1 Same show, SBS.
  7. No one else has any photos to post ?
  8. I've got more...but don't want to hog the whole thread
  9. Best Larry: #10. Sydney 1 December 13 2010
  10. Category 13:fan pictures Las Vegas October 2009. Seriously, who brings a mannequin to a concert ?
  11. I think Larry is in here somewhere like aussiegirl said: Its not blurry, its art.
  12. Hey Mick, looks like a great place....are you working on the Elton John show ?
  13. Its an ocean baths (or a pool filled with sea water) for swimming on the right & a rock shelf on the left. I usually pretty safe, but I always take great care....I went back today & the surf was even bigger so didn't venture out. The pool is actually empty for maintenance at the moment (its annual sand clean-out...lol) so its OK. That said, I have seen waves 4-5 feet in the pool itself a couple of times. Here's the ocean baths on a good day last year. I took the photos I posted yesterday on the small walkway (just near the swimmer)
  14. Thanks Spicy I'm in Newcastle, Australia (about 2 hours drive north of Sydney)
  15. Dusted off the camera this morning & got up at stupid o'clock
  16. Duelling Hakas first up. Awesome. This was when NZ & Tonga met in 2006. And as an Aussie......go the All Blacks !!
  17. Arsenal-United tomorrow right? Damn that's a good game Not the way Arsenal have been playing That was a pretty nasty looking incident with Didier Drogba, hope he's going to be OK.
  18. xtraspicy62 wrote Yes! These are are really nice too. How do you get the star trails? Thank you for sharing these with us.
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