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  1. Didn’t disappoint. Was ticket #144 second from rail in front of bono, Larry and Adam. Thanks to Josie, Matt, and Boston Bob for the stories, shared experience and good vibes. Shoutout to Janine who was in line with us (my sister and I) - last time we saw Janine was when we were next to her camping out 13 years ago in Adelaide for Vertigo line-up! Amazing!!! Have to say the start of streets just brought me to tears. I was overwhelmed. We didn’t get the original JT tour in Australia. I have watched that iconic lead in to the song on footage for so long, never thought I would experience it in person and feel such emotion. Absolutely stunning and unforgettable. So glad little old Adelaide was such a great show for everyone.
  2. See you in Adelaide lads, been seeing you in my home town since Lovetown with BB King at memorial drive. ❤️
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