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  1. Only in the beginning it is closed (if it is the same as I+E)
  2. Thanx U2, Max, for always be quick and open in information. Take ypur time though ...
  3. Trying to buy tickets for the show with the retail code, is it true that there aren’t any GA tickets left?
  4. Hi, maybe a reaction a little too late, GA in Dutch is ‘staanplaatsen’
  5. Yes it worked! Thank you for asking. You could set the page in English, till payment but we got them!
  6. Hi, I’m from the Netherlands and would like to see the show in Lissabon. My Portuguese is real bad, if the ticket site is not in English, what is GA in Portuguese? Thanx!
  7. Seats are also great! Never been to U2 in Paris, will see Maybe the bananas will be back during the shows
  8. @jojes GA, you also? I am now trying, for a friend who has to work, to buy tickets for Amsterdam but I am not allowed to buy GA tickets.... weird!
  9. Yihaa, happy here, two times Rome and two times Paris )
  10. Goodmorning! Does anyone know how the GA tickets in Rome are called? Is it Prato?
  11. There is a starman waiting in the sky....

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