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  1. Only in the beginning it is closed (if it is the same as I+E)
  2. Thanx U2, Max, for always be quick and open in information. Take ypur time though ...
  3. Trying to buy tickets for the show with the retail code, is it true that there aren’t any GA tickets left?
  4. Hi, maybe a reaction a little too late, GA in Dutch is ‘staanplaatsen’
  5. Yes it worked! Thank you for asking. You could set the page in English, till payment but we got them!
  6. Hi, I’m from the Netherlands and would like to see the show in Lissabon. My Portuguese is real bad, if the ticket site is not in English, what is GA in Portuguese? Thanx!
  7. The tickets are sold, so the post can be deleted?
  8. I didn't see your message yesterday, have sent you a PM
  9. Dear, Due some family issues I need to sell my two tickets for the show on the 15th of July. Copy from the 'ordermail': U2 Date / Time: Sat, 7/15/17 7:00 PM Place: Stadio Olimpico / ROME Promoter: Live Nation Italia S.r.l., Via Pietrasanta 14, 20141 Milano, Italy Promotion: Red Hill Group (longtime/legacy/A group) I already have the tickets at my home, that's the Netherlands, off course they can be sent but probably someone in Holland wants to go.
  10. 15 minutes ago standing Keep trying there will be tickets
  11. Not sold out, a friend of mine just got tickets entrance G (ingang G)
  12. Yesterday I had the same problem with ticketmaster telling there were no tickets but at the end (12 o'clock I suppose) I got 4 tickets. Anyone luck today? Or is it sold out now?
  13. Yeah!!!!! It worked! Finally, just keep trying for whom are trying And thanx to all for answering and trying to help
  14. There are four possible GA tickets At 77 euro you have (Staanplaats) Ingang Zuid G (Staanplaats) Ingang Zuid G-Veld Staanplaats (Staanplaats) Ingang Zuid J (Staanplaats) Ingang Zuid J-Veld Staanplaats These are all GA but from a different entrance (ingang = entrance)
  15. Still trying Tm keeps saying I am sorry
  16. Trying but no luck yet, will keep on trying
  17. I realy want to know this too. Can't find a floor/seating plan anywere If you go to the zooforums and click europe leg2First there are four venues and beneath you will find a post started bij Max with some floorplans, Amsterdam is in it
  18. @wastid, thanx I will keep clicking today )
  19. Yes, thank you for the answers and the patience. I am Dutch so that's not the problem But what kind of 'staanplaats' I choose I only get the sorry no tickets available message....
  20. Those allocated for today may already be goneBut I have this 'error' already one hour and I read here still GA tickets and bigwave sais they were not sold out....
  21. How did you get the amsterdam GA? I am not allowed to pick GA
  22. Still not allowed Ticketmaster gives me only seats...
  23. Than I will try again, it (the ticketmaster computer) gives me only seats....
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