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  1. nope and no way of renewing as all buttons and links to renew have gone
  2. Totally agree Perhaps they have taken to literally, Outside its America
  3. So I got an email from support stating not to worry about verified fan as its US/Canada tour, Great. Then my renewal buttons gone, I expire in Jan, I was going to do it anyway, not there is no way to renew!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then to add insult in injury, I, and other Europe based bods, get an email this morning telling us to complete verified fan from U2.com AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I cant renew and conflicting instructions from U2.com Help PK
  4. Me too. Why can’t they just all the relevant out in the first place
  5. Same boat. Could have done with a link in the FAQs. Europe/row. Don’t worry yet your time will come
  6. Same Q. Happy to renew and I’m in UK. Am I to assume not to complete TM USA as I don’t want tickets there I want UK
  7. For me, it was one of the best U2 gigs I've been to. I even enjoyed Noel G Sound was good, highlights were In Gods Country and Exit Here's my Pics of you're interested (Click the pic to go to flickr)
  8. Hi - here you go https://www.flickr.com/…/zoostatio…/albums/72157658530096333 I finally worked out my camera so there are quite a few close ups of the band. Enjoy Paul
  9. Hi there - I did take pics from the opposite side but you may have obscured by the drum kit - I will try to put my pictures up on my flickr account by the weekend. Will post a link here when its done Cheers Paul
  10. Cheers for the reply. Was dreading half having tickets and those who don't being delayed getting in while the cards are processed and getting no where the front. Bit relieved now
  11. Hey guys, are any of your London O2 GA tickets, ticketless entry. I booked them throu the presale via AXS and didnt realise it was ticketless. Any idea how this would work and i dont want to cue all day then gave to cue again just to get my ticket processed and then get in to the GA space last. Is all the GA ticketless of just AXS tickets CHeers Paul
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