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  1. About to buy Brisbane pre-sale. Is there a map showing where the different category seats are? The map on ticketek only shows GA and Red Zone???
  2. jcvsoriano wrote: i recall having read this in an article this month. if yes, that'll rule. http://entertainment.stv.tv/music/80647-u2s-ascent-record
  3. Agree with above poster, particularly: Cedars better than Love Is Blindness - NO WAY!! Crazy better than Wild Horses - NO WAY
  4. I Will Follow must be up there too.
  5. glad you're enjoying it...it's awesome!!!
  6. Edge was on the radio today saying the stage would remain at one end, but people would be all around.
  7. ivoryhunter

    need help!

    If you haven't paid then there shouldn't be a presale code when you click on the tour page. If you want the code you will have to pay the subsciptionfee. Not sure how you accessed the subsciber forum, sounds a bit strange.
  8. Red Hot Chili Peppers (not sure if they missed the 80's cut off) ACDC.
  9. there is a Bono and Edge acoustic version of Sometimes on the HTDAAB DVD (that came with the limited edition version of HTDAAB)
  10. ONE01 wrote: I'm having to use me free account, like everyone! There never seems to be many people here, is this the whole forum or is there another bit for paid subscribers? Zootopia is dying Defo more busy on the other side.
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