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  1. 109 if you don't like this song you really must be a one direction fan haha
  2. 108 thanks sweet dreams hehe
  3. 105 Sorry will try harder just had a lot of poop to deal with not going into it here need to just try and get on with living
  4. 85 I'm just wondering why I bother having friends Feel let down by a LOT of people
  5. 52 been better mentaly but living
  6. That was her name, definitely something along those lines. I don't know where she is, but from what I've heard some nasty stuff went down... Wow hope she is ok? LOL. Yeah Rosa I dunno she just seemed a bit......................leave it at that Like a lot of people FACEBOOK
  7. I think most people who have come here have that problem!
  8. Governments don't actually do much to help the world and it's sad that a singer in a rock group has to take a stand to help the world and people don't have to listen to him preaching about poverty but who else is gonna do it?? People need to look at the outside world for once Don't forget he's not the only one though Coldplay are just as bad aren't they?
  9. 64 546 I saw Adam Ant a week ago he was amazing yayus
  10. 63851 Went to see Happy Mondays last night! Talk about AWESOME!!!
  11. Thank you dear Had a great day!
  12. I have links but get a big 400 - Bad Request when clicky them
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