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  1. 109 if you don't like this song you really must be a one direction fan haha
  2. 108 thanks sweet dreams hehe
  3. 105 Sorry will try harder just had a lot of poop to deal with not going into it here need to just try and get on with living
  4. 85 I'm just wondering why I bother having friends Feel let down by a LOT of people
  5. 55 Thanks I will do lol
  6. 52 been better mentaly but living
  7. 64 546 I saw Adam Ant a week ago he was amazing yayus
  8. 63851 Went to see Happy Mondays last night! Talk about AWESOME!!!
  9. Thank you dear Had a great day!
  10. 62991 Listening to Boy not listend to this album since forever! Not really a fan of this album but that's coz i have no taste
  11. 62980 just so you know I'm not dead and hopfully will be around more since I just paid for another year! Oi Larry if you read this make some music already I'm tired of waiting!
  12. Happy new year yeah i'm nearly a day out lol I'll try to pop by here more just busy with websites and life
  13. 61550 Fireworks I went to see on Bonfire night November 5th
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