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    Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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    My friends, U2, Cars, (I do own a rare 1992 Volvo 480 Two Tone) Traveling, Bali.
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    October 15, 1980 in Amsterdam.
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    Brussels, sept. 2010, 360o
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    Impossible to tell I've seen 59 in total! Maybe Amsterdam-2 and London-2 during 360o
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    no favourite.. After 34 years they feel like a family member, haha
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    dEUS, Anouk, Van Halen, Half Way Station, Jake Bugg, Golden Earring, hec there are too many.
  1. Wow, just Wow. I am around since Boy in 1980 when I was 20, It's 2017 now, I am 57 years of age and still can lose myself entirely in an U2 album. How amazing is that fact?! Again you took a different corner musically, raised the bar even higher while I even didn't know this was possible. This is a Big One, no doubt. Thank you Adam. Larry, The Edge, Bono and hands down: you succeeded in giving your ever demanding fans what they seek: our necessary vitamin U-2 . The best years for U2 fans are ahead of us.
  2. You can find me IN North Side Story! As a long term fan I was asked by Niall Stokes for old (Dutch/Belgium) musicmagazine articles (wich ofcourse I have) for in NSS.. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that they 'honoured' me with TWO pages; page 171 and 181. And yes, I 'm a bit proud, haha.
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