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    Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Interests
    My friends, U2, Cars, (I do own a rare 1992 Volvo 480 Two Tone) Traveling, Bali.
  • First U2 Gig
    October 15, 1980 in Amsterdam.
  • Recent U2 Gig
    Brussels, sept. 2010, 360o
  • Best U2 Gig
    Impossible to tell I've seen 59 in total! Maybe Amsterdam-2 and London-2 during 360o
  • Favourite U2 Person
    no favourite.. After 34 years they feel like a family member, haha
  • Fav. Other Bands
    dEUS, Anouk, Van Halen, Half Way Station, Jake Bugg, Golden Earring, hec there are too many.

About Me

Dutch male, living in Rotterdam. U2 fan since October 15, 1980, their first concert in NL. I was involved with the establishment of the first Dutch U2 fanclub in NL in february 1981. I wrote a book -with acknowledgement of U2- about my adventures with them called: "All That I Can't Leave Behind". (ISBN 978-94-91683-00-8)  In Dutch only upon till now. I'm looking out for a Publisher abroad for Publishing it in English.


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