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  1. Ok, I followed Bigwave's instructions and sent an email via the contact function. An automated response came back stating I would be contacted by a representative. After no further contact, I sent another. I still have received no resolution. Why is it so difficult to have this simple request honored? What is it going to take? Thank you.
  2. PARADIGM BREAKER AND IDEA STRATEGIST-- crafting ideas and the strategies to implement them that will keep the u2 brand paradigms ahead of just about anyone andanything else. They would have to pay me SO MUCH to do this.
  3. Thanks so much, Bigwave. Much appreciated! :-) No worries, Birdsong. U2 is fine. ;-)
  4. BUMP STILL WAITING.... Please remove. Thanks! (Nika, I may have to take your advice...!)
  5. Oh, and those same nanobots may very well be the technology that finally allows us to wean ourselves away from this silly carbon-based fuel system we arecurrently stuck in. I love that the stage is so future-oriented in its design!
  6. Heh...one day, it the not overly-distant future, we may be able to sit at home and attend a show via a fully immersive, sensory-rich virtual reality interfaceaugmented via nanobots implanted in our brains that redirect the signals from our cortex and replace them with wireless signals accessed through theinternet--this is the future for show designers such as Williams, if he can live long enough! Lucky him! The future is going to be a weird place!
  7. Hi. I have been catching up on the tour buzz from the last month, and I am so surprised to see the flack regarding the stage and carbon emissions. Honestly, when considering environmental hazards (and pretending to care about them), why not focus on the systemic ones--the ones that truly and consistentlydeplete and foul the atmosphere and are the archaic technologies of a class-Zero global civilization, like coal plants, for example? 360 is a one-time entertainment event, largely produced to help us take our minds off of all of the REALLY terrible things that go on day to day in the wo
  8. Make a mess and mod's will close your account Heh...MESS, MESS, MESS, MESS, MESS...... ;-)
  9. Hi Kristaps. Well, that is fine. U2.com can "keep" anything they want of my texts, although I seriously doubt I have written anything that would be of value toanyone or that someone would want to "keep" anyway. I am just trying to reduce my web footprint and want to cancel any memberships I have with sites I do not do very much with. So, if anyone knows how to dothis.... I am sure there must be a way. Nobody can force one to maintain an account, I do not think. What would be the value of that? Thanks!
  10. Hi! Does anyone know how to close a u2 account and remove it from the system? I looked under help but did not see any info. Thanks!
  11. Heh..sorry...have not been keeping up to date on the show and just catching up now on the things catching my eye and sensibility...like "The Whole of theMoon" snippet.
  12. Why "Unforgettable Fire?" Why now, in nearly every show, when it has not appeared in 10 years? Why now? Not complaining.....
  13. I love u2. 'nough said. Thanks for Drowning Man! Rock Gods in Space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Kisses to the band for their opening night link-up to the space station! I am spending the summer on a Nasa campus, and I never dreamed this would be the way Iwould be able to connect with the tour! Incredible stage! Have fun, ROCK GODS IN SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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