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  1. I finally received my order today, also ordered on 30 October- I believe the T-shirt they have sent me is wrong. Trouble is there are no pictures of it now on the shop 😟 I hope you guys get you stuff soon
  2. Any news on shipping yet? It’s nearly time for me to subscribe again!
  3. It was a great night, over far to quick, but worth being in the cold for a good few hours ?❤️?
  4. Couldn't agree more with you Sue, They are absolutly ripping the fans off!
  5. Just noticed it's your birthday, many happy returns:)) have a great day, hope it's sunny and bright in the Midlunds:) Thanks Anjana I had a lovely day even though I was at work x
  6. Oooh I have an alter ego lol? Oooh who is this mystery person??
  7. Any news on the the release of the subs gift Bigwave? It gets later & later every year!
  8. Just seen this also Anjana, I'm in the midlands so easy for me too - I've met some great people through U2 & I will vouch that Zhivvy is a lovely person x
  9. I'm in the UK and I bought tickets for Berlin with my UK card. Paid €140 for 2 standing tickets & yes create a log in with Eventim. Hope that helps
  10. Great performance - so happy for fellow Zootop Suziem for getting in & seeing it
  11. Oh wowzers, lucky people to get Larry - look at that smile on his face
  12. Mike I would of missed my last train home 11:30 from Euston. Have a great time today as well you lucky bloke Next time
  13. Yes took a punt n jumped on the train, feel really disapointed now that I didnt stick around :-/
  14. Mike so glad you got your picture taken - I was there earlier stood behind you listening to it on your phone (black jacet blue hoody) My phone had died once I heard them on the radio - I decided to head home (Coventry) as I had booked 2 trains home. I cold & tired - I should of stuck it out & cuaght my later train home but well done to you
  15. Love this because I have a Spaniel & that is the look on his face sometimes
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