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  1. I finally received my order today, also ordered on 30 October- I believe the T-shirt they have sent me is wrong. Trouble is there are no pictures of it now on the shop 😟 I hope you guys get you stuff soon
  2. Any news on shipping yet? It’s nearly time for me to subscribe again!
  3. It was a great night, over far to quick, but worth being in the cold for a good few hours ?❤️?
  4. Couldn't agree more with you Sue, They are absolutly ripping the fans off!
  5. Just noticed it's your birthday, many happy returns:)) have a great day, hope it's sunny and bright in the Midlunds:) Thanks Anjana I had a lovely day even though I was at work x
  6. Oooh I have an alter ego lol? Oooh who is this mystery person??
  7. Any news on the the release of the subs gift Bigwave? It gets later & later every year!
  8. Just seen this also Anjana, I'm in the midlands so easy for me too - I've met some great people through U2 & I will vouch that Zhivvy is a lovely person x
  9. I'm in the UK and I bought tickets for Berlin with my UK card. Paid €140 for 2 standing tickets & yes create a log in with Eventim. Hope that helps
  10. Great performance - so happy for fellow Zootop Suziem for getting in & seeing it
  11. Oh wowzers, lucky people to get Larry - look at that smile on his face
  12. Mike I would of missed my last train home 11:30 from Euston. Have a great time today as well you lucky bloke Next time
  13. Yes took a punt n jumped on the train, feel really disapointed now that I didnt stick around :-/
  14. Mike so glad you got your picture taken - I was there earlier stood behind you listening to it on your phone (black jacet blue hoody) My phone had died once I heard them on the radio - I decided to head home (Coventry) as I had booked 2 trains home. I cold & tired - I should of stuck it out & cuaght my later train home but well done to you
  15. Love this because I have a Spaniel & that is the look on his face sometimes
  16. Added a new date to my gig diary - going to Hard Rock Calling on the 29/06 at Queen Elizabeth park to see Paul Weller & Kasabian n many more
  17. I'm going to Muse at the Ricoh also Chris Was thinking of Bruce as well!
  18. Welcome back folks, thanks for keeping all the loyal fans updated whilst you were on your very long holiday
  19. juetu

    Join in.

    [quote name='basher1 wrote: Sigma957']Do you get to pick the tracklists or is it passed down from a lead programmer? Regular radio bores me. i pick what get's played on both shows Sigma great thing about Community Radio not tied to as many rules as regular radio. Basher's shows are never boring- He always tries to play requests, If he hasn't got it he will always try and get it for next time. We all chat along on facebook while he play's the choons and have great banter.
  20. juetu


    We need Basher back in the Zoo, Yes he may be controversial at times, but he stands up for what he beleives in n if he's wrong he doesn't shy away - he says sorry, makes up n moves on to the next subject!! )
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