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  1. That's good Michelle, because it feels like our email addresses have been hacked somehow. Know loads of zootops who got them!
  2. Did you use your code before or after you re-subscribed last time? I'm assuming that's the deciding factor.
  3. I followed the guidelines straight after the announcement, which said I needed to renew, as I had used a code on the JT Tour. Even though I renewed in February 2017 and my renewal was set for March 2018. Now I wish I hadn't since I haven't joined a presale since my last re-subscription (the JT presale I joined was in January), and I think if I'd have waited it would have gone to complete on its own after a few days. It's not so much the money because the extension gets added to the end, it's the fact that I won't be able to re-sub in January 2018 for a code for Europe, which, by rights,
  4. I assume they are GAs / credit card entry? I would say yes but give him your ID (photo driving licence) as well just to be safer.
  5. If you use 'find seats for me' NOT the map, they've been coming up at £100.80 (not £180).
  6. suziem

    GA tickets 26th

    See TABBYCRAFTS's post! Good luck...
  7. Hi Natashin Wouldn't you need to send your credit card to the buyer?
  8. Seats are hard tickets so no, the card and ID parts don't apply.
  9. I think SMS is only used for confirmation if you buy in person at the box office. If you DO have to enter it, I'd put it on your profile NOW, rather than wait until tomorrow. It will no doubt tell you if it doesn't like the first format you try.
  10. You enjoyed it then?! You really DO have to be there to truly appreciate it all.
  11. There's a whole debate going on in another thread: http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/32610-ticket-limit/ Not helped by TM giving different advice to different people. My opinion (and it's only an opinion) is 2 per household PER EVENT. So if you got 2 for 1 night in presale, you could get 2 for another night in public sale. But not for the same night, even if it's your hubby's card as the same address is still an issue.
  12. It needs to be there beforehand as they will authorise against the card before confirming the purchase
  13. Regular! Then you will have the choice of trying for standing, or the various seat price ranges. Good luck!
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