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  1. That's good Michelle, because it feels like our email addresses have been hacked somehow. Know loads of zootops who got them!
  2. Did you use your code before or after you re-subscribed last time? I'm assuming that's the deciding factor.
  3. I followed the guidelines straight after the announcement, which said I needed to renew, as I had used a code on the JT Tour. Even though I renewed in February 2017 and my renewal was set for March 2018. Now I wish I hadn't since I haven't joined a presale since my last re-subscription (the JT presale I joined was in January), and I think if I'd have waited it would have gone to complete on its own after a few days. It's not so much the money because the extension gets added to the end, it's the fact that I won't be able to re-sub in January 2018 for a code for Europe, which, by rights,
  4. Hi Aidan I think there is something wrong with TM mobile sites, have you looked on a full desktop site, and is the money out of your account?
  5. The initial official announcement says "2 per person / transaction". Then "There is a (presale) limit of two tickets per subscription". The later U2 news article says "Tickets for the Irish shows go on sale at 9am on Monday 14th September, will be limited to 2 per purchaser" which to me, is different. ​Ticketmaster just says "Please adhere to published ticket limits." I can't see the line you mention? Is the line you quote per gig, or for the whole leg? SSE Arena website says "Ticket limit 2 per transaction" which is more like the first one again! 3 Arena website says "2 per
  6. Hi mods The ticket limits are slightly contradictory in different places.....and apologies if this has been answered already.... Can you buy 2 tickets in presale, then 2 in the public sale and not breach any limit? Does it matter if it's the same gig or a different gig? Many thanks!
  7. Hi Colinos For which night? Yes, there were different options for seated and standing. We got the opposite - seats, but would prefer standing - on Saturday 28th. Wanna swap?! PS seats are around: Dublin €34.50, 71.45, 102, 192 Belfast £35, 60, 95, 170 With standing being at the €71 / £60 level. Suzie
  8. Oops, almost a month since I checked in on my friendlies, soz! Actually, it's probably about the last time I was in the zoo....I hardly come in here any more :-( Must try harder........ Happy Weekend all!
  9. Happy Saturday Friendlies! I don't want to count my chickens but it feels like Spring has finally made it North of the border....the cat and I sat outside in the sunshine earlier! Oh, and I've got a not-too-shabby young man cleaning my car right now, things are good!
  10. Heaven forbid!! Let sleeping dafties lie, that's what I say! Dunno what happened to my tumblweed image! Trying again now...
  11. It's SO quiet around here! Hi friendlies!
  12. TFIF Friendlies! I'd almost forgotten how to find this place called the zoo...I've not been here in so long!
  13. Bump! U2 in Dublin this summer??? WOOO HOOO!
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