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  1. Bought one ticket for first night london - using my code - went out - went back in again - bought another (one ticket) for second night - presume that's okay as haven't gone over the 2 ticket limit - but worrying as waiting for email confirmation now! Has anyone else done this?
  2. Oh thank god - it's on the tour page!!!:-)
  3. My profile also says I've only been a member since 09 - not the case (neither's the only 56 or whatever posts) - I think that was the last major overhaul of the website just before No Line came out so suspect all (older) account start dates have just defaulted to then...
  4. Been a paid up member since Propaganda... dreading tomorrow - having flashbacks to the horrific chaotic free-for-all of the Vertigo tour (and the website crashes and tears!!!!) ....why couldn't they do it the way they did last time????
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