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  1. might have been the worst tour in your opinion but at least you had a chance to see them.
  2. U2 (many times) Prince Madonna Bon Jovi Lenny Kravitz Bryan Adams Coldplay The Wiggles Bruce Springsteen Robbie Williams Jamiroquai Matchbox 20 Justin Timberlake
  3. Well my 2 yr old daughter has given the song her stamp of approval....bops to it and sings "oh oh oh" everytime i play it in the car...never seen herdo that before..love it!!!
  4. The NLOTH tour Restart, Reboot tour I wasnt buying anyones cockatoo tour!!
  5. There trying to make a big deal of it here in Australia...made page 3 of the sunday newspaper and also a mention on a Sunday morning show.
  6. Does anyone have any news on an Australian tour?
  7. MAGNIFICENT...is just that!!! Love love love it...drive around in my car with the volume up so loud..the best!!!
  8. Got mine yesterday...love MAGNIFICENT!!!!
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