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  1. For those that have been in RZ this tour, why do most people head to the top of the tree if they only sing a few songs there? Isn't it better to be along bottom of tree/trunk as then you can see main stage clearly and watch them walk past?
  2. For anyone who has attended a show in RZ, if you aim for the top of the tree, is the boom in the way the WHOLE show or does it move around? Does it obstruct views to the main stage? TIA
  3. And the problem arises when things like these get posted and numbered lines start early anyway!
  4. Just had a read of the Fedex Field GA line rules. Interesting. Keen to see if those rules are followed and how it works.
  5. Haven't been to a concert on this tour yet, but from what I can see online when following it is that the check-in on show day has been early like 6 /7 am and you MUST turn up and stay all day. This means no-one is actually rocking up later and pushing in ahead of those who turn up later as they should already be there. Unfortunately it doesn't help those that work etc who are unable to checkin in 2 days earlier for a short time. The GA line for Philly was started whilst the latest concert was still going. I don't like that. If you had plans to fly to Philly and turn up at GA
  6. I can't decide which is better between walkway/bottom of trunk (along the straight part of walkway) or up around the keyboard? Am aware there is a boom so don't want to be too close to that. I am short so want to pick the best rail spot that will allow me to see!
  7. Wow - people are coming from all over the world! Love it! My first time to Dublin and have RZ tix.
  8. This concert will be special! I am flying from Australia to see them in Barcelona and then on to Dublin. Cant wait!!
  9. So if you want to get in line early, do you queue at the RZ check in area?
  10. Going to Barcelona (seats) and Dublin RZ. Flying in from Australia.
  11. I will be there! Coming from Australia.
  12. I LOVE LOVE that story Emily.....thanks for sharing. So happy for you!!
  13. This is what Ticketek replied to my query regarding the U2.com terms: Sydney = 1 show Brisbane = 1 show These are separate shows, it means you cant buy more than 4 tickets to Sydney on the 13 Dec, for example, however you can buy another 4 tickets for Brisbane. This is how this information was confirmed to us by the promoter. It is then advising you that your code can be entered once to buy tickets. NO, the ticket agents are incorrect. Its ONE code for up to four tickets for the SAME show. No More - Baja
  14. BAJA - how can it be corrected AFTER the sale-.... bait & switch
  15. And another day passes and NO-ONE from this site has cleared up the matter...obviously they are just as confused as us about all the "contradictory" information.
  16. [quote name='Nniixx wrote: zina wrote: Nniixx wrote: zina']To be honest with everyone....just buy up to: 4 tickets per code per City per member I was told that u can't buy tickets by using both codes for the same city....eg: to buy up 2 8 tickets in Sydney by using the 2 codes from the same member.....they will be cancelled....as per Natasha from Ticketek That is the rules.....otherwise we run the risk of cancellation.....& we don't want that... That contradicts what i was told whcih was the the code wa
  17. What a joke !!!!!!!!!- the link from the U2 page takes you to a Ticketek link that states something different....no-one should get their tickets cancelled after this FARCE!!!! I am so annoyed by this.
  18. [quote name='Nniixx wrote: zina wrote: zina']Hi Baja, I have had the same problem as Alexander...I'm a Horizon member I put in my ticket request for 4 tix then the screen crashed...then put in for 2 tickets with the same code..then ended up with 6 tickets....I also dont want my tickets or membership cancelled.....is that going to be ok? I have just spoken with Ticketek & I have just been told that as I ordered 6 tickets under the one code i run the chance of the tickets being cancelled as "the promotor has instructed Ticketek that only 4 tickets can be purchased under 1 code per membe
  19. [quote name='RockyU2 wrote: bluehammer wrote: Marieka']First hints of a 2nd Sydney show.... Was just checking out accommodation near the venue at a cheapie (formula1) and the usual rate is $69 a night, but it jumps to $219 a night on the 13th AND the 14th of december..... so maybe a 2nd show on the 14th?? 2nd Show 14th for Sydney yes. 2nd show 3rd Dec for Melbourne. 2nd show 26th Nov for Auckland. Additional dates held as well but IMO these are the most likely. Some of us booked accommodation when the dates lea
  20. [quote name='bluehammer wrote: bestia']I think alot of the confusion is due to the fact that Ticketek and Ticketmaster are different with respect to their ticket numbers: Ticketmaster: Perth & Melbourne: Please note: There is a limit of 4 tickets per transaction Ticketek: Sydney & Brisbane TICKET LIMIT: 4 ticket per city per member -so you can buy 4 for Brisbane and 4 for Sydney - confirmed by Ticketek. Hmmm yes. very clear. Although does 4 tickets per transaction mean you can buy 8 tickets in 2 transactions...hahaha!!!
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