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  1. 21 hours ago, nyru2 said:

    in my opinion, its the closest you are going to get to the band even if for just 4 songs. might get a high five.  The stage is really high. matter of fact if you are in RZ and on the rail by the main stage, your view is basically the bands heads and they are way to the right. I chose behind Edges keys. had some great views and still had a decent view of the main stage.






    Great pics

  2. Haven't been to a concert on this tour yet,  but from what I can see online when following it is that the check-in on show day has been early like 6 /7 am and you MUST turn up and stay all day. 

    This means no-one is actually rocking up later and pushing in ahead of those who turn up later as they should already be there.

    Unfortunately it doesn't help those that work etc  who are unable to checkin in 2 days earlier for a short time.

    The GA line for Philly was started whilst the latest concert was still going. I don't like that. If you had plans to fly to Philly and turn up at GA early in the hope of getting a place on the rail then it is impossible as the line was started 2 days earlier! 

    Not sure what the solution is.







  3. This is what Ticketek replied to my query regarding the U2.com terms:


    Sydney = 1 show

    Brisbane = 1 show


    These are separate shows, it means you cant buy more than 4 tickets to Sydney on the 13 Dec, for example, however you can buy another 4 tickets for Brisbane.

    This is how this information was confirmed to us by the promoter.


    It is then advising you that your code can be entered once to buy tickets.



    NO, the ticket agents are incorrect. Its ONE code for up to four tickets for the SAME show. No More - Baja

  4. [quote name='Nniixx wrote:

    zina wrote:

    Nniixx wrote:

    zina']To be honest with everyone....just buy up to:

    4 tickets
    per code
    per City
    per member

    I was told that u can't buy tickets by using both codes for the same city....eg: to buy up 2 8 tickets in Sydney by using the 2 codes from the same member.....they will be cancelled....as per Natasha from Ticketek

    That is the rules.....otherwise we run the risk of cancellation.....& we don't want that...

    That contradicts what i was told whcih was the the code was just an access point and as long as you had sufficent codes to cover your number of tickets you would be fine. My ticketek person also spoke to their supervisor


    Also what you said you were told contracdicts what you said


    4 tickets
    per code
    per City
    per member


    which doesn't make it clear any way as that can be read as 4 tix to each city.


    It should have been 1 pre-sales code per member and then that entitles them to 4 tickets to 1 show in one city - if that's what they were trying to say.


    But now it's gone around the block and via chinese whispers and numerous interpretations that i don;t think anyone has any idea what it should mean.


    And that's why there is so much confusoin and backlash from people who've bought their tickets in good faith, based on a set of hodge podge FAQs that are clearly unclear
    and rules that donlt seem to have been enforced by the ticket vendors.


    OK sorry for the confusion but I am also very confused.....so maybe it should be
    4 tickets per city....irrelevant of how many codes we have.

    Sounds like all the agencies have added to our confusion....guess we will see.


    4 tickets per city. 1 city only. if it has said that it would have been crystal.


    Time to read the FAQs, yet again, to re-interprate them.

    4 tickets per city per member to me implies that ONE code can get you 4 tickets to Sydney and 4 tickets to Brisbane - Ticketek only


    4 tickets per CODE, for ONE show. Agents were given the wrong info, this has been corrected - Baja
  5. [quote name='Nniixx wrote:

    zina wrote:

    zina']Hi Baja,

    I have had the same problem as Alexander...I'm a Horizon member I put in my ticket request for 4 tix then the screen crashed...then put in for 2 tickets with the same code..then ended up with 6 tickets....I also dont want my tickets or membership cancelled.....is that going to be ok?

    I have just spoken with Ticketek & I have just been told that as I ordered 6 tickets under the one code i run the chance of the tickets being cancelled as "the promotor has instructed Ticketek that only 4 tickets can be purchased under 1 code per member per city"

    I have now cancelled the other 2 tickets that I got under the same code...

    I am not taking any chances of being turned away at the gate...

    I understand that there is a lot of conflicting information from the people at Ticketek however, Im not taking any chances...

    I hope this helps others...

    Did they call you or you called them ?


    Did they let you cancel them? Did you get a refund

    If I bought 2 Sydney tix and 1 Brisbane Tix on the same code - I am OK right?


    Nope, one code per SHOW, ALL the same type of tickets - Baja

  6. [quote name='RockyU2 wrote:

    bluehammer wrote:

    Marieka']First hints of a 2nd Sydney show....


    Was just checking out accommodation near the venue at a cheapie (formula1) and the usual rate is $69 a night, but it jumps to $219 a night on the 13th AND the 14th of december.....


    so maybe a 2nd show on the 14th??



    2nd Show 14th for Sydney yes. 

    2nd show 3rd Dec for Melbourne. 

    2nd show 26th Nov for Auckland. 

    Additional dates held as well but IMO these are the most likely. 

    Some of us booked accommodation when the dates leaked... 

    Any idea if there might be a 2nd show for Brisbane as well?  I can't goto the inter-state ones so would be great if I could see them twice locally instead.

    Yeah I think Dec 9 is a go


  7. [quote name='bluehammer wrote:

    bestia']I think alot of the confusion is due to the fact that Ticketek and Ticketmaster are different with respect to their ticket numbers:


    Ticketmaster: Perth & Melbourne:

    Please note: There is a limit of 4 tickets per transaction


    Ticketek: Sydney & Brisbane


    TICKET LIMIT: 4 ticket per city per member
    -so you can buy 4 for Brisbane and 4 for Sydney - confirmed by Ticketek.

    Hmmm yes. very clear. tongue.gif

    Although does 4 tickets per transaction mean you can buy 8 tickets in 2 transactions...hahaha!!!roll.gif


  8. TICKET LIMIT: 4 ticket per city per member


    agree, that suggests we should be able to reuse same code if we only got 2 RZ and wanted say 2 seats as well, but TM and ticketec only allowed selection of one type of tix and limit of 2 for RZ and thus 1 transaction


    TM and ticketec seem to agree thats allowable, and to re-enter in a second transaction for remaining 2 seats to makeup the 4 tix limit


    as long as members are still only getting 4 tix for same city (venue/show) per code


    hence we just need confirmation from BAJA/U2com above is acceptable (seems a waste of my 4 tix entitlement otherwise per code to be honest if I only allowed 2)

    Ticketek = 4 per city per member (no mention of transaction numbers)

    Ticketmaster = 4 per transaction 
  9. I think alot of the confusion is due to the fact that Ticketek and Ticketmaster are different with respect to their ticket numbers:


    Ticketmaster: Perth & Melbourne:

    Please note: There is a limit of 4 tickets per transaction


    Ticketek: Sydney & Brisbane


    TICKET LIMIT: 4 ticket per city per member -so you can buy 4 for Brisbane and 4 for Sydney - confirmed by Ticketek.

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