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  1. not a single rarity on this ? Just the exact same remixes as the original release... This is a huge let down. And the original vinyl is not that hard to find (even cheaper than a re-subscription)
  2. it's safe for them to save good stuff when they're not on tour... the majority will subscribe to gain access to ticket presales, they're gonna do the live cd after the tour (not that I'm happy with what we get so far...). Let's just hope that a download will pop up soon... AND NOT DULL REMIX!!!!!!
  3. police are saying at least 100 people dead in the bataclan concert hall.... plus there was explosions near the soccer/football stadium where 80'000 people were watching a game. Absolutely no chance that a gig will happen tomorrow or sunday.
  4. no doubt it will be cancelled. State of emergency and borders closed. That means no gathering of people outside, so no concert because people will have to wait outside the venue to open, way too risky
  5. we'll get the subscription 2016 offer before the download........ count on that
  6. never received the mail but the package was delivered yesterday.... no worries
  7. so happy with the vinyl... finally they think about people who don't own a cd player nor a mp3 player!!!!!!! Joking, but as usual people are frustrated with everything they offer, last year it was a book that most people thought it was useless, now the vinyl. People complaining about this release should just remember what it was to receive Duals.... on CD !!!!!!!!!
  8. Damn, that means I have to buy this vinyl to add to my collection... Thanks for the ebook, great great great idea
  9. Saturday 15 June 1985, Geneva-Switzerland. My father was working for the local promoter back then and that saturday there was a corporate football tournament, the concert promoter's team (VSP) was playing and as I did the previous years I was there watching the games and kicking some balls between games. Then my dad picked me up and said "ok, we have to go now". I was really upset to leave the tournament but he tried to tell me that what we're about to see is something special and I may like it. As an 11 years old boy there was pretty much nothing I can do to make us stay and play football so we were going to the Patinoire des Vernets in the middle of the afternoon. I knew the band we were about to see live cause it was a pretty big band back then and I saw some of their promo clips on tv but it wasn't the kind of 80's pop/new wave bands I was enjoying. We arrived there and we went backstage, suddenly we stopped walking and he said "look, that's the singer/guitarist/songwriter"... well I just saw some random dude smoking a cigarette and waiting backstage so I wasn't really impressed. We shook hands and that was it. The concert was about to begin, we took our seats and I was mentally prepared for 2 hours of torture. Lights went out and the first notes started, just some keyboard notes and then bam, lights, the whole band playing and the crowd going completely nuts. I can't believe I was enjoying this... the band that ruined my football day!!!! And the concert went by, song after song I can't believe how good that was. The next morning I told my folks that I have to buy at least one record to listen again and again the songs I heard the previous night, I wanted to relive that moment more and more. It wasn't a difficult task to choose what album to buy and I settled for the record they just released and the record that was the backbone of the show (of course), and I bought that vinyl and played it to death. While listening to that record I was contemplating the beautiful cover with that strange guitar made of steel with some coconut trees on it, I stared at the band picture on the inner sleeve to help me remember them playing live some part of the songs I was hearing... that was my first love story with a band and it started with that show that I didn't want to see. The funny thing is that it was a tour sponsored by philips to promote their new media, a new thing that was available for everyone to enjoy a new way of listening to music... that was the compact disc... and the band was Dire Straits, and of course the random guy I shook hands with was my first musical hero, Mr Mark Knopfler. I have seen tons of concerts since, and many from U2, and I've really enjoyed most of them but this saturday, in 1985, it was really a special night with a special band... a feeling I wish I will pass to my kids when I will take them to a rock concert they don't want to go to. That's why I picked this one as my #unforgettablegig
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