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  1. not a single rarity on this ? Just the exact same remixes as the original release... This is a huge let down. And the original vinyl is not that hard to find (even cheaper than a re-subscription)
  2. That was a long process but I must say I'm quite happy with the result. It would have been cooler to have the entire JT live album on the b-sides but can't really complain
  3. yeah... 50$ invested in this club and not to fight poverty in yemen... Great comment by the way, I hope you are doing something other than sermonize people in here.
  4. Is there a word strong enough to describe this situation and how ridiculous it became ?
  5. if they want to be consistent they have to announce the gift on april fools day...
  6. I'm afraid to say that I totally agree with your comment. It's the first tour I'm gonna miss since 1992, it's my decision but this revival tour could be a good thing instead I have the bad impression that it's only contractual because a tour was supposed to happen for live nation. I was gutted by the bands decision to scrap the I+E initial plan to have 2 different nights, I'm not saying the second night was awful but I bought tickets in the first place to have two different shows instead of a 3 songs rotation, but I still enjoyed the shows. And with the band saying for almost 3 years that SOE is ready it is kind of bittersweet, it is their art and they make whatever they want with it... just don't write in the booklet of the freshly released album that the follow up is almost done and then spend 3 years arguing that it's 80% done and we need a radio single, and then saying the world is changing so we do a revival tour because the topics of our most successful album are relevant today (bullshit). But this subscription is a complete joke. Asking people to fork over 50$ with a promise of something to come is not cool, and I have the impression that they don't care at all (management, band, I don't care who) and they have the excuse that the resale codes are enough to make us pay the subscription. I just have a tiny hope that the gift will be worth the wait as opposed to some people who are saying that we shouldn't care what we get as long as we get something. This gift is something for the fans, something we wait and are happy to get when it is rightly done (U22, edge's picks) and is a major let down when they do something uncool just to have an excuse that they did something (duals, litho). I remember not so long ago people frustrated by McGuinness' management and the fact that the band was heading towards an easy cash grab road. Wonder what they think now.... Again I hope I'm gonna be proven wrong but expect a major let down with this years gift (probably something JT related.... again). Hope we'll find out soon (because soon is their favorite word for the last 3 years...)
  7. for what, they don't care. they already got the money from fan member, thanks to a revival tour. So no need to hurry for this gift.
  8. seriously, almost april and still nothing. Stop for a minute celebrating the Joshua Tree and just do this, please
  9. is there a better word for this non event other than dull ?
  10. ha, another anniversary boxset for JT and still nothing, zero, nada for Pop. Stop acting crazy and milking the same album and start embrace your whole discography. Expect another anniversary box for achtung baby in 4 years
  11. this album deserves it's remaster/expanded edition too. Instead of celebrating again JT they should finally realise that this record is as good as their previous smash hits LP.
  12. I wasn't joking.... but the band are joking with this anniversary tour and single. Just a way to avoid admitting they are not capable of recording a great album anymore by celebrating the time where they were on top of their game
  13. don't you think it's time to do something about it now????? almost in march and still nothing
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