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  1. membership or verified membership has never been a guarantee of tickets. it guarantees you a presale code. it’s in the FAQ. “Does a Subscription to U2.com guarantee I can purchase tickets?No. U2.com presales provide early access but cannot guarantee tickets. Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis.”
  2. as there’s still no clear answer, and it’s almost time for bed here, i’ve just disconnected mine too.
  3. this seems to be a blanket email they’re sending to all members. as long as your account info says that you’re verified you should be ok.
  4. i live in the netherlands and don’t wish to participate in the US presale. i have renewed my subscription so i can get european presale codes when the european presale is announced. i understand from the FAQ that attaching a north american ticketmaster account is only for those wanting to purchase tickets to US dates. as i used to live in the US, i have a US ticketmaster account. so i have attached it to my account and am verified but will this hurt me for the european presale if i have my US ticketmaster account attached? or should i unnatach it from my account until the european dates
  5. i let my nerves get the better of me this morning (since my credit card still says pending) and sent an email to ticketmaster asking just to make sure the transaction was ok since it was still in processing. within an hour i had a very nice email back. i can stop worrying now! and now time to freak out that i'm really going haha!!!!
  6. i'm still waiting for mine to go through but my credit card company said my card is in order. so i'm just waiting on ticketmaster's end. i was going to email ticketmaster but i think it would just make more delays for someone else. so i'll just wait patiently. i keep signing into ticketmaster every day to look at my confirmation to see if it's still there. i didn't dream it all hehe!
  7. also as far as country, i found the place to change it on checkout at the last minute. you could always contact ticketmaster support to make sure.
  8. haha yes me too! and now to find a very safe place to keep my credit card until November...
  9. mine has been showing pending since yesterday afternoon. also found this on ticketmaster.ie FAQ. so i think as long as you have order # and confirmation email it should be ok. if in doubt i think you could call your fianancial institution.
  10. I'm from Texas too. but i live in the Netherlands.
  11. true. i think it's just the new paperles ticket technology that has everyone frantic. at least the charges show as pending now on my credit card account.
  12. there was another tab or button or something for "other countries". i already had my credit card saved so i knew ireland couldn't be right. my hands were shaking so much with the count down timer in the bottom right screen lol!
  13. i almost didn't get tix this morning...i panicked when i saw that Ireland was the only option for country when i was checking out. and i'd already entered my credit card info in last night. thankfully i remained calm and didn't hit refresh before i finally saw the "other country" option. with one minute before time ran out on completing the payment process. my hands were shaking.
  14. for GA it just means headcount but because of the ticketing system i don't think they have a way to change it from seat to standing?
  15. I feel the same way!! I am going on a business trip and not booking anything for Ireland til I make sure all these orders are through especially since I see NO pending charges on my card i read on the presale posts that it took a while for the charges to go through to credit cards. so i'd give it a few days. as long as i have the order number and confirmation email i am not *so* worried yet. i suppose you could always call ticketmaster after the sale madness ends and confirm it.
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