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  1. I read via a link on the Me & U2 Facebook page that the London O2 has been booked for a few nights for U2 later this year. TBH U2 are doing a bit too much PR for nothing to be happening. I think the albums ready & the tours already being put together. Ordinary Love, Invisible, the Fallon show are all part of the new management style for the band. Delayed yeah maybe, but purposely!!
  2. My GA were only £50 & some seating was even cheaper than that. TBH I'm expecting The Stones prices this time around, I could be wrong but I doubt it. However if we go by GAGA and Beyoncé. We can expect the closer areas in the arena to be package/VIP(expensive), next to these £100, £90, £70, and so on. Restricted views for both of the above were between £50-35. I don't think people will be doing as many shows as the last tour as the cost of living has rocketed since last time out and peoples disposable income isn't the same as back then.
  3. It's back to a waiting time on iTunes UK. Must have been a cock up, with it going live so early.
  4. I wonder if the video footage is a sign of what the tour will be like? Cool visuals, but back to basics with the stage, with the usual gantry extending from it? Hopefully it is. More low key, but kick arse!
  5. They've not done anything this in your face since the 90's. TBH It's got a good chance at real radio impact, which is what most people want. The more listens the better it gets. With the video footage it has an even better feel.
  6. From the looks of the U2 Facebook video it's not synths per say, but Edge guitar and the magic sound bank.
  7. Thank fook you said that 1st, I'm on my 4th listen and I'm still thinking Killers/Coldplay! It's definitely got a now feeling and is bound to go down well with non U2 fans.
  8. Question is, How long will 2 million free downloads take to be gone? Surely even your non U2 iTunes buyer will be on this! Hopefully it'll end up free here for subscribers :-)
  9. Enjoyed reading this and the 2 parts where my interest really picked up were................ (Album stuff) BB: There has to be some assessment as you step back. How do you feel about what you accomplished? Is it a sense of “job well done”? McG: To some extent, yes. They’re doing their best work ever. I’ve heard most of the new album, and it’s absolutely amazing. They’re creatively ambitious -- they really want to have hits and a successful record. They know as well as anyone else that their tours will be successful whether they have a big record or not, but they don’t want to slip into that kind of heritage category of artist. So finding a new audience has always been very important to U2 with every record. In that way they are as driven and creative as they ever were. Unlike a lot of other artists in our business, they didn’t get fucked by bad deals -- they’re in charge of their own destiny. They have the keys, they have the car, and they’re planning to drive it forever, as far as I can tell. (Tour stuff) BB: For a band so focused on touring, to have the most successful tour in history by every metric has to be satisfying. [u2’s last tour is the highest-grossing, most attended tour ever, according to Billboard Boxscore.] McG: Yeah, they love performing. You’ll be amazed and impressed by the new tour, which they’ve been working on the design and concept throughout this record project. It will blow everyone away yet again. They’re on fire.
  10. Super Bowl has definitely got to be album/tour advert. No way they are coughing that sort of cash for anything less. If it was just for a charity single, they just be doing it the way they did the Red Pride remix release. I agree Hmmmmm...... "The only thing the band has said officially is that "Invisible" will be released soon as part of a project with (RED), and our reports prior to that are that "Invisible" will be used in a Super Bowl commercial on February 2nd." Not complaining as it is new U2 music. The plot thickens. And yes new music is the most important thing.
  11. Super Bowl has definitely got to be album/tour advert. No way they are coughing that sort of cash for anything less. If it was just for a charity single, they just be doing it the way they did the Red Pride remix release.
  12. Obviously never been to a U2 show, where there's an age range as wide as a rainbow. Besides many of the big hitters in the music business are in there 50's and making more in a day than these crappy rag writers make in a year. The sad fact is once the U2 PR machine starts, the twats come from under there rocks to try and put the boot in. End of the day they write crap about U2 knowing they can sell there article, because people see U2 and read on.
  13. I'm quite happy for them to keep knocking out singles. As much as I'd like to see an album this year, any new material is a step in the right direction for these guys. If it's right what the band keeps banging on about how many new song they have, we may miss some gems on a straight up album release. Hopefully a few singles will turn up with some new corking B sides.
  14. It's definitely a grower after a few listens. Musically It's not typically U2, which may or may not signify what direction they are heading, but I guess we'll have to wait a bit longer to find out. Soundtrack or not, it's nice to know they can get some music together.
  15. Myself, Basher, Clapton and John went to The Hydro in Glasgow to see Depeche Mode on Monday night. Great new venue with excellent acoustics and one hell of a show! Dave Gahan was awesome both in stage presence and vocal. On the 3 tracks Martin L Gore did you could have heard a pin drop, it was seriously haunting. The set was stripped back, raw and no bulls**t, they were like guys have there age, complete amazing. Anyone gets the chance to catch them, then do so, you won't regret it!!! Absolutely amazing night with top guys.
  16. My mate at work paid around £600 to see The Stones at the O2 in London. Less shows, more demand, less overheads, more cash!! Let's face it, if the bands long awaited new album is crap at least someone else will be taking the financial burden off them as they did with Madonna's last album! We all know they're all skint and living on the breadline and can't afford risks anymore
  17. Here's an idea! Have the whole song on the site for paying members to listen to and that would be something special for a change.
  18. God damn right, POP's an awesome album! So much so it's probably my most listened to U2 album.
  19. PMSL Best U2 news I've heard in the past 2 years.
  20. I'm a tosser does that count??
  21. Really like Jacks version of Love Is Blindness, it's a testament to how well the song is written and how easy it can become another artists song.
  22. ha ha ha yer talking pish with regards to taking things personally but you now try and hide behind the old " I was speaking generically" garbage why not just 'fess up and say it was aimed towards me, I make no bones about this I think you are a troll plain and simple you remind me of 2 people who used to be on the Zoo Sterling Wright (amongst many other names she used) and Ultravioletway 14 both really bloody awful people. And you are banging on about rules being broken....were you not the one who asked me if I had been abused as a child???....Im of the opinion there may be a wee rule break there so before you preach keep yourself in check. And this is why you are loved here Basher me old china No Bull and straight to the point! Maybe that's what is wrong with the Zoo these days, People just aren't honest and up front!
  23. And we're now suffering the same old Tory shite, which is a blue print of the witches past. Take a look at our cuts due to inept government spending. Copeland cuts confirmed by Andrew Clarke Last updated at 13:09, Friday, 22 February 2013 A DEVASTATING cull of services in Copeland has been confirmed. Almost every service cut proposed by Copeland Council will happen, it was decided at a budget-setting meeting last night (Thursday). These include the closure of Whitehaven’s tourist information centre and all the borough’s public toilets, as well as the cancellation of Christmas lights, the concessionary travel scheme and doorstep collections of cardboard and plastic recycling. The council will also withdraw funding to North Country Leisure (NCL), the operators of Whitehaven Civic Hall and Cleator Moor Bowls and Sports Centre, and both venues will close unless alternative financial arrangements are found; the Civic in November and the Bowls Centre in April. Funding will also be reduced to two other NCL-managed facilities, Whitehaven Sports Centre and Copeland Swimming Pool, but these are expected to remain open, albeit with potential reduced opening hours and increased charges. The council will also withdraw funding to The Beacon museum, although talks are ongoing between the council and Sellafield Ltd to keep this facility running. It will reduce the frequency of public grass cutting, and remove street furniture (seating, bollards, gazebos etc) and public flower displays. Charges will also increase for council-owned car parks, cemeteries and crematoriums. The only service to be spared the axe is garden (brown bin) collections. These collections will continue, but will cease during winter months. Plans to charge residents for having black bins replaced have been scrapped. Copeland Council has been forced to slash services after having a third of its budget cut by the government. It was the eighth-worst-hit council in the country and must save around £3 million by 2015. Christmas lights in Whitehaven, Cleator Moor and Cleator will continue this year and next but stop in 2015. All the other cuts will be introduced in April. Around 20 jobs will be lost in the cuts, a reduction from the anticipated 30 to 40. However, a number of employees have already left and will not be replaced. Elaine Woodburn, leader of Copeland Council, said: "This is the worst report I have ever had to put before the council, and this is not a good day for Copeland. "This budget will diminish the quality of life of the people we represent, but we have no choice but to introduce it. But this is not Copeland's decision - it was made in Downing Street." There had been hopes that some more of the under-threat services could have been saved, but just before Christmas the grant the council received from the government was revealed to be even lower than anticipated. David Moore, leader of Copeland's Conservative group, said: "Despite these cuts, there are things in Copeland to be proud of, and it's time we - as councillors - earned our crust and carried out some hard work in our communities." Copeland formally proposed the cuts in October, and they were sent out for public consultation. The response included 280 completed questionnaires, over 30 individual letters, three petitions and online protest groups. The council continues to urge community groups to step forward and take on some of the services that the council will no longer pay for, and chief executive Paul Walker says that negotiations are ongoing with a number of interested parties. However, the proposed partnership between The Beacon and Sellafield has been made public and it will see the facility run as a visitor centre, possibly with a tourist information centre incorporated. A formal agreement must be reached by April this year. Prior to the meeting, the mayor of Copeland sent best wishes on behalf of the council to its communications manager, Ian Curwen, who suffered a broken back in a cycling accident at the weekend. Peter Tyson said: "All members send their best wishes to Ian for a full and speedy recovery." The following will happen on April 1: Whitehaven tourist information centre will close Public toilets will close, including James Street (Whitehaven), Cleator Moor Square, Chapel Street (Egremont) and St Bees foreshore grass cutting on open spaces reduced to one or two cuts a year (down from 14) the concessionary travel scheme will be withdrawn plastic and cardboard recycling will not be collected from doorsteps car park charges to go up by 22p for one hour, and 70p for four hours a 15 per cent increase on cemetery prices, and a 12 per cent increase for the crematorium. Increases will also be made to some taxi licence charges. flower tubs and public displays will be removed, and street furniture not replaced when it reaches the end of its life
  24. I hate to say it, but Ali is not looking her best in this shot Maybe a rough night
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