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  1. I understand that the world has turned upside down and that there are issues everywhere, the thing that annoys me about this, is that my items (and I'm guessing others too) were ordered in good faith hoping to have them in time for Christmas, or my case, my birthday. My birthday has passed and we're just over a week out from Christmas and there is no word or explanation as to why the items haven't been shipped. The silence is the frustrating part of all of this. We have no idea as to what is happening except the fact that the shipment is unfulfilled. When chasing this, the only option we
  2. Happiest of birthdays Bono. It seems I have loved you and been inspired by you for most of my life. Thank you for everything. Some of the best moments in my life have been whilst listening to and watching you sing. You can make me laugh, dance and cry all in the one show. Slainte
  3. I hope you wiped your feet on the mat when you came in. I don't want crap walked in here, I just did the floors!! now come give me a hug you goofball 🤗
  4. I really have you taking a walk down memory lane.
  5. Ah my people have found their way home.
  6. Hi guys, I'm late to the party but have just scraped in I think
  7. I was going to post in the live thread Max and after I saw the set list but it was closed so I guess I'll just post it here. I didn't see the song they play before the band take the stage on set list. would you happen to know what it is was?
  8. so what song was it that they walked on to?
  9. I want to run away with the circus. Sometimes being a grown up sucks

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      My weekend is pants...I'm in!

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      Don't grow up !! It's a trap !!!!

  10. just to let you know that I have been slammed by work leading up to Christmas and my Christmas Cards have turned into New years Cards. I am sending a card to everyone on the list and sadly it looks like it may be my last year doing so. Next year I'll need to be more selective, which is something I've never done before. I really appreciate the cards I've received, imagine being part of this group and sending cards when there is only one other person on the list that lives in the same hemisphere as you and co-incidentally is your best friend. I've always had to battle overseas postage costs,
  11. It has arrived at my humble abode and I will be looking to take it on some great adventures over the coming weeks. It's going to have an Aussie Christmas me thinks.
  12. details sent. forgot to add Fave member - now how do I answer that one??? I guess Larry would be the appropriate response in this forum hahahah
  13. hey everyone, just wondering if this has been raised this year yet? And if anyone has put their hand up to make the list? Not wanting to step on anyone's toes, but I'm happy to do it if you like - as if we're doing it, we probably need to get moving to ensure we get names before the end of the month if you're happy for me to do it, I'll add some email details in the next couple of days. cheers Tina
  14. I have to let you all know mine are late. Those of you who have received my cards in the past know I hand make them and there is always my U2 Doll theme to them. Leading up to Christmas I had a few things and deadlines for work take over and the making of the cards got put back. They were made just before Christmas ie Christmas Eve, but wont be posted until Monday when our post office re-opens. thanks everyone for your cards and making me feel guiltier by the day LOL
  15. Do it Monica :-) I'm in will pm you my details. Now for a design and an era hmmmmmm
  16. not happy - looks like I'm diving back into my One Direction hole with my niece. Yep I have resorted to liking a boy band as my man band appears to sit idlely on their hands
  17. I was just wondering if I could find some time to write some U2 fanfic for Halloween .........
  18. LOL she'd like that. We did sit his inlaws once for one of the shows
  19. I see Keith with my sister every time he tours down here. He is amazing live
  20. and while larry is with Mich he's been Sexting with me
  21. LMOA that is hilarious and I bet he was kicking himself when he realised it was in fact a genuine offer.
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