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  1. Thank you, knew I couldn’t see it anywhere but didn’t even think to go to the original article. Surely it needs to be added somewhere?
  2. This is going to sound like a silly silly question, but how do I find the live in Berlin stream on the main site?
  3. Why do I get the feeling that the premier will not happen Friday? It’s now Wednesday and we have had no details
  4. Any news on what time this will be premiered? The article said we should have heard last week
  5. Well if you watched it you will know they used clips from various songs look at around the 1 minute mark it shows the screen from IGCIIDGCT meaning its a trailer but with vertigo playing, but i guess people just want anything to moan about.
  6. [quote name='Claire T wrote: Kristaps wrote: Doug Sloan']Totally rediculous Breathe is not included with the single "live concert only" dvd...how call it be described as the "live concert" when they delete the opening song! Pathetic marketing ploy to try and upsell you to the double DVD edition where they list it as a "bonus track."...ITS THE FIRST SONG!!! . Perhaps they need to make up the millions LOST in BONO'S Wall St investments. It's as much live as is Milan DVD (half of it's missing), ZooTV (a song missing), Slane (1 song missing), Chicago/Boston (a mix of several nights). were any
  7. How can you call the DVD crap based on a trailer? my god some U2 fans really do like to whine and moan.
  8. How has she let you down? she was only passing on whatever info she had.
  9. People always look to the negative, maybe they have actually added it to the start of the show!,
  10. Wonder why they have removed the super delux version? i really hope they havent dropped the idea, and i really hope that they dont just add breathe to that version otherwise the bitching will increase 100%
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