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  1. Some people are easily pleased. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. a mega rehash of the already deluxe 20th anniversary AB but costing double the price with some exclusive bono nail clippings! or a compilation album of bono's worst post achtung baby collaborations of which there are many mostly (c)rappers
  3. kerching yet again the reason why i'm turning against the band i've followed for 38 years,I remember the days when larry used to moan about the quality and cost of U2 t-shirts,i'd hazard a very big guess he wouldn't be arsed thesedays about such trivial matters as a well overpriced rehash of stuff we already have left behind(excuse the pun) Maybe we'll get a blue envelope was it mich40 or max as an old timer the grey matter from zootopia of old has faded lol
  4. Get mr fly and ms lois back then jobs a good 'un bash👍
  5. Oh god who let the daft.ie back in FFS!😁
  6. Dunno why it took me 27 years after starting to follow U2 to see them in their hometown but anyway took this pic at the first Dub 360 show and this is during a bono waffling shite moment. Adam even looks cool when bored!
  7. Just thank the person above for making the effort i'd say.I've been in a few fucked up GA lines this seems a decent way to go about it but hey ho
  8. a couple of old skool zootops here I'll sign pics in atlanta
  9. you're not alone in thinking that to be honest
  10. Average fare a bit like the U2 post 2000 i'm afraid
  11. Good to see the rhythm section back on form just need edge to turn his guitar up now
  12. GFC-4413.jpg Are we good looking enough to make the main page?(not sure how you do it to be honest)
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