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  1. kerching yet again the reason why i'm turning against the band i've followed for 38 years,I remember the days when larry used to moan about the quality and cost of U2 t-shirts,i'd hazard a very big guess he wouldn't be arsed thesedays about such trivial matters as a well overpriced rehash of stuff we already have left behind(excuse the pun) Maybe we'll get a blue envelope was it mich40 or max as an old timer the grey matter from zootopia of old has faded lol
  2. Dunno why it took me 27 years after starting to follow U2 to see them in their hometown but anyway took this pic at the first Dub 360 show and this is during a bono waffling shite moment. Adam even looks cool when bored!
  3. Just thank the person above for making the effort i'd say.I've been in a few fucked up GA lines this seems a decent way to go about it but hey ho
  4. you're not alone in thinking that to be honest
  5. More to the point respect to any fan who can still fit into their shirt from 30 years ago :-) and even more to the point it survived a mothers ironing(or lack of ) technique!!!
  6. I was on the dole and luckily my signing on day was the day of release.So most of my measly dole went on that album which i played to within an inch of its death Managed to scrape together enough for a ticket fot the august 3rd n.e.c gig in birmingham. good times,luckily ever since i've been in employment!
  7. Oooh I have an alter ego lol? God please no! One of you is bad enough ahem a slap will be in order next weekend missus!
  8. Oooh I have an alter ego lol?
  9. thanks thats really helpful. well the proofs all over facebook and seemingly here,only stating facts
  10. good question, not been mentioned yet, anyone care to hazard a guess? Saw it somewhere that the photo on the main page covering this story was from a Dandelion Market show in 1979, so its probably not that one.. only speculating though.. this is a list of boots from then,i've got the hilversum one which os pretty good quality of its time,could be that one. http://www.u2gigs.com/cover/gallery.php?dir=Audio-Covers%2F1980-1981%20-%20Boy%20Tour%2F01%20-%201980%20-%201st%20Leg%20-%20Europe%2F&startpic=0
  11. any ideas on where the show is from? as a collector i'm likin the sound of the vinyl
  12. If people get excited about that then I give up. As always we are led a merry dance by U2.com,the only plus point was the live chat I'll go back to posting once in a blue moon again
  13. where did you get it from? still waitin for mine from play.
  14. happy to see this thread resurrected! yeh the best of is out today in the UK(20th) in the U.S an ideal album to start with for the uninitiated. Oh and TTH look for me on youtube got some great videos from manchester of Doves and I seen Editors last week in liverpool got clips from that also. lookin forward to seein doves yet again on may 8th.
  15. That's cos bashers doin the DIY don't get him back here FFS suzie!!
  16. yyeee ha!!! NY stil in me veins! quick hi before i go on the lash.
  17. people who don't like Muse are welcome to black eyed peas in my opinion!
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