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  1. A great night at the Savoy last night. Thanks to U2.com for the opportunity and to Edge and Adam for being there. Although I thought Edge and Adam might have spent a little while to maybe sign some autographs or take some pictures. It would have made it extra special.
  2. I'm in... The details are very vague. Wondering what time to head for Dublin tomorrow...
  3. Yes, I received my paper tickets for Dublin about 2 weeks ago.
  4. Normally a day or two later that they become available to print.
  5. Ticketmaster Ireland is listing a retail (album) presale for Dublin, so those codes must be valid.
  6. The link I received with my album presale code does not list any of the additional dates or Irish shows. Will there be a new link or will this one be updated?
  7. Those September dates don't really fit the schedule. I would guess Dublin shows will be between 6th and 10th November.
  8. Pre-ordered the album on the U2 store on 2nd November. Hasn't even been dispatched yet. My wife pre-ordered on the universal music store on 28th November and it was dispatched on the 30th. Great system. Hopefully this presale code stuff works or I may as well have just bought it in the local music store.
  9. I pre-ordered the album a few days after the tour was announced. I followed the link on the main page of the site and was brought to the fanfire U2 store. More recently I followed the pre-order link again and was brought to the universal music store. Will my order from the fanfire U2 store entitle me to a presale code?
  10. Surely the people who decide to implement these systems could lay out clear instructions for the various groups; it seems like they just put up some info without even confirming the rest of it. It's still not clear if for the European presale we have to resubscribe by 12th November to take part, or if we have to pre-order the album, or if preordering the album gives you an additional presale code as a subscriber. We are left uninformed and have to rely on the mods to clarify... Surely the people who come up with this stuff could see there were some pretty big gaps in the information they were providing?
  11. I have pre-ordered the album. Confirmation mail makes no reference to a presale code. I'm assuming that we get a presale code for being a subscriber and get another presale code for ordering the album?
  12. Yes, received them 2 days after I contacted Ticketmaster.
  13. Also staying at a Heathrow Airport hotel, very cheap. I'm from Ireland and I'm getting married in July. All the European dates are while I'm on honeymoon, except London night 1,which is the day after the wedding. So we are getting married in Cork on the 7th July, flying to London on the 8th for the show, flying back to Cork the morning of the 9th,then flying to Sydney from Dublin later that night. The things I'll do just to hear some rarities like Exit and Trip Through Your Wires... ☺️
  14. I haven't received mine yet. All my friends have received them. I contacted Ticketmaster and was told that my tickets were posted in January and I should have received them by now. They voided the tickets and are sending new ones. Maybe worthwhile contacting Ticketmaster. I contacted them through twitter, there is an account for ticketmaster Ireland customer services, they were very helpful.
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