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  1. we will get them looked at for sure Oh that would be amazing, though wonder how? But maybe a secret better not to be told
  2. So much for stopping scalpers....amazing. http://www.seatwave.de/u2-tickets/3arena-dublin-tickets/samstag--28-november-2015/show/1009253
  3. An album that created a lot of buzz and love and hate....no...too strong....DISLIKENESS. I can understand people not liking it because they want their bam rocking band from back in the days, doing it over and over again and just deliver a rock smash hit that's not sounding like the one before. Even though I can understand, I don't have to share this thought. Of course I'm talking about U2's "Songs Of Innocence". I for myself have the habit to critisize songs at first listen, tell my opinion and bash it like I'm a tourette because it reminds me of another song or I think it's a ripoff. I know t
  4. Where did you get that idea from ? Didn't you read? Apple paid for U2's album !!! The Ramones appear in the ad.....and they would never have sold their album to a big player like apple even if the fans get the album for free. They would have given it away on their own if at all. But this big business wasn't their cup of tea. I'm not saying U2 are selling their souls. But The Ramones wouldn't have done this in a million years.
  5. I'm pretty sure I know what The Ramones would have said to an appeareance in an Apple ad. Yes...it starts with f and ends with f
  6. If this is not going to be remastered I can come up with one reason only. To understand you had to be in Berlin round that time. It's amazing how Berlinesque AB sounds. They canned the dirty, dark and at the same time uplifting feeling on that album. Maybe a remaster would destroy that sound and feeling. That's the only reason I would let count if it's not remastered. Though would like to hear what a remaster would do. The perfect release would contain both versions to make the old sound visible to those who can't "hear" it.
  7. Dead serious... Like I said I know why most like it but that's the same reason I dislike. That's why I hate (strong word?) Coldplay and when they release their new one in October I'm going to camp on Alcatraz for 6 months without any media devices.
  8. If M is not a cheesy pop song then what is?...LOL. No I didn't slate M but that's why I wrote (post above) I was wrong. Btw...is this still a Zooropa thread?...LMAO. I guess we have a run in hijacking threads these past days :-)
  9. Addition: It's not second best. It's ranked #4 for me now.
  10. Hey D. :-) So....I don't wanna write another review song by song....but.... When I read your review I got a little sad.....not because you "bashed" the album but because I wished you will get an album you love.......I know how much this band means to you. I listened to that album many times through the stream U2com provided us with and I liked it....some songs went instantly into my genetic code....some I thought will take time (White As Snow.....Breathe). Today I got all the versions I needed.....Box....Vinyl....and the Fold Out one. I almost wasn't able to get through this d
  11. Huh...no...Fly said it's bad....I said masterpiece in reply. Found the thread/post from 2.5 years ago. It was called Mr.Fly....Objection! Though I have to say I'm wrong on Magnificient (LOL) in this post and I don't like White As Snow and Breathe only gets me live...album version meh... The rest of my post still stands... See next post.
  12. I remember that...and now I remember I wrote an answer. I made a thread called "Objection...Mr. Fly" where I said it's a masterpiece. It's a looong post if I remember correctly. Let's see if I can find it down there buried...LOL.
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