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  1. Morning all...almost 1am here in Ireland...here we go again! Hoping for some good live links. Special hey to "Steve"...what's the odds
  2. Roy McBride

    Roys U2

    My U2 life!
  3. Went to the Canes V Fliers game the night before U2 played Raleigh!
  4. My first concert of the tour this year...flew in to Berlin for the weekend!
  5. Hi, it's all on YouTube....just search for U2 Letterman and the clips all show up. Regards, Roy McBride
  6. Managed to bag a ticket to the TFI Friday Show on Saint Patrick's Day 2000. Bono and Edge guested...and did a fantastic version of Ground Beneath Her Feet. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you do...search youtube for "TFI Friday U2" and it shows up near the top.
  7. Took my wife over for a quick trip to Manchester!
  8. My first real date with my wife was at the Joshua Tree tour 1987 in Croke Park....we always go to all the gigs since. Here she is at Vertigo.
  9. Went to Vertigo in Croker all three nights. Got up to the stage each of the nights...thanks for going early to the ground.
  10. Adam autographing my book.... He really is as polite as he comes across. I thanked him for his time doing the autographs for us all, and he said "Your most welcome Roy, it's our pleasure".
  11. Don't you just hate it when you finally get to shake the great man's hand, and the idiot with the camera doesn't get your face! Oh well, at least I have the memory!
  12. This is a photo of my signed U2 Book Biography. I was lucky enough to get to the signing in Dublin. The guys where great, very friendly to everyone. I Shook hands and thanked each of them for their time. Larry thanked me for being a U2.com member, he quickly spotted my membership badge on my jacket. Adam really is as polite as he come across.
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