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  1. Morning all...almost 1am here in Ireland...here we go again! Hoping for some good live links. Special hey to "Steve"...what's the odds
  2. My guess is technical error, lots of people reporting this and never chose Student option.
  3. Sorry to hear you are all having issues...I had the best experience ever, code worked first time and tickets purchased in about 3 minutes. I am a paid subscriber since begining, and copy/pasted in code from the email. I have my fingers crossed your issues are sorted soon.
  4. Roy McBride

    Roys U2

    My U2 life!
  5. Welcome back, we missed you! Missing U2 even more though....need a tour! (or an invite to the studio to sit quietly in the corner!) Regards, Roy McBride
  6. Almost time! Your gonna love this documentary, it's ace! Regards, Roy McBride
  7. Guinness in copious amounts Regards, Roy McBride
  8. Just back from a great day at the event, here's a quick update as after getting up early to watch the Rugby and Japanese Grand Prix (5am!) followed by a drive to Dublin and back, I am shattered! Met up with BigWave and Amy in a cafe around the corner from the IFI. Amy had her husband, Kent, with her, and I took along Richard, another U2 fan, who owns The Jelly Bean Factory, whom I currently work for. It turns out it's a small world! Richard happened to live for a while in the same USA city that Amy comes from, so they had lots to talk about. I had a great chat with BigWave, great to me
  9. Folks, seems like the site is again offering tickets, this time just 1 at a time. So keep trying! Regards, Roy McBride
  10. Seems to be responding again now guys, keep trying. Regards, Roy McBride
  11. Woot! Couldn't get on at all myself, but have a brother in Germany that just scored me two tickets....! Just when I thought my U2 experience was over for the year! Keep trying guys, it's bound to respond soon again. Best of luck.... Regards, Roy McBride
  12. Went to the Canes V Fliers game the night before U2 played Raleigh!
  13. My first concert of the tour this year...flew in to Berlin for the weekend!
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