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  1. Wouldn't it be deadly if the lads could put on an actual live stripped back online show.
  2. Sometimes less (talk) IS more. Not a criticism, just an observation
  3. Anyone got one of these from The premier screening at The Sugar Club?
  4. I'm not a big photo taker at concerts but here are the first and last photos with Adam in that I took. Croke Park 29 June 1985 ( he is there I promise!) and Gocheok Sky Dome Seoul 8 December 2019 (I've got his back). What a journey it's been.
  5. This is the kind of issue that I believed the fan forum that was proposed by Guy Oseary a couple of years ago could gave addressed. Unfortunately nothing ever seems to have come of it.
  6. I received my renewal notification email today. It only mentions the 2019 CD.
  7. The journey begins! Anyone aware of any special events planned for Seoul?
  8. Very disappointing to hear again but unfortunately not a bit surprising
  9. To me what's going on in Auckland with this list is the antithesis of what U2 espouse. It disappoints me to see the news reports from New Zealand which reflect badly on the fans and the band and the sight of people partrolling the line with a notebook is unedifying. Is this really the type of publicity U2 need or want or the with some shows not selling out maybe the old adage no publicity is bad publicity applies.
  10. While acknowledging that this is very much a first world problem, it's disappointing to see that all has not been good at the Auckland GA line. I've said it here before and I'll say it again, surely the band could get involved in this . It wouldn't take much to put some sort of random system in place that would be seen to be 'fair' to all. They have done so before. This was one of the issues that I believe the fan forum that Guy Oseary mooted a couple of years ago could have been used to address.
  11. Bono Speaking on Hoziers Cry Power podcast: 'We have this beautiful ecstatic album called Songs of Ascent. I don't know if we'll finish it soon or it'll take forever. It's about forever. That's its subject. And .... Songs of Ascent or the fifteen psalms and they're named after the fifteen steps from the womens chamber actually up to the temple in Jerusalem so it's an old idea ............ ' So it looks like Songs of Ascent might yet happen, though as was suggested by dmway previously it if it does see the light of day it will be as a stand alone project as opposed to being part of a t
  12. Good point. It would be good to know if anything concrete has come from any contact that may have occurred or if the statement he made was just a PR exercise to ease the negativity around at the time.
  13. Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra
  14. Giving this a bump on the off chance that someone out there might have some info to share!
  15. I see there are still over 1200 GA available. Not looking good for second show
  16. In his response to the 2017 letter from a group of fans to the band regarding the E+I ticket sales process, Guy Oseary concluded that he would like to 'set up a mechanism so that every so often we can convene around a band-related subject'. Does anyone know if anything ever came of this?
  17. Big birthdays next year for himself and Bono
  18. dermo

    IMG_0930 (2).jpg

    Happy New Year U2 Family What a great year U2 gave us in 2018. I was lucky enough to see them in Vegas, Madrid Manchester, Dublin and Berlin. To top it off I met Joe O Herlihy in the airport in Berlin after the 13th November show. A true gent who had time for a chat and a photo with everyone who approached him, so a seacial thank you and happy new year goes out to Joe.
  19. A great end to the tour in Berlin on Tuesday and I am so happy and thankful I was able to make the trip. I met Joe O Herlihy in the airport on Wednesday morning. He is a true gentleman and was happy to take photographs and chat with anyone the many people who approached him. Thanks Joe
  20. Great night last night at the Savoy. Well worth the trip. Thanks U2.COM for letting me in and everyone involved in setting it up. Great to hear Edge and Adams thoughts beforehand. Pity they couldn't stay a little longer but that doesn't in any way diminish my appreciation. Roll on 5,6,9,10,13 November. Everything up to now has been a warm up for that week. I better give this aging creaking body some rest!
  21. Has anyone received notification they have been allocated tickets for the Rattle and Hum screening on Friday or can anyone say if they have been allocated yet?
  22. I will start this by saying I am genuinely gutted for those who were at Berlin 2 and cannot make the rescheduled show. My circumstances mean it would be possible for me to make the rescheduled show, I just need a ticket or tickets! My question relates to the possibility of tickets being put on sale again through the official channels and the Mods may be the most likely ones who could help with it. Is there any way at this stage that we can ascertain what kind of numbers of tickets are being returned for refund and if there is likely to be an on sale date announced? I know
  23. It will be interesting to see what kind of reaction there is in some of the English press if/when they fly the EU flag in England. They have gone to town on our Taoiseach (Prime Minister) for daring to represent Irelands interests.
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