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  1. i agree with you completely, except for the part about not condemning them if they don't speak out...didn't the band hire these people ? are we LN, TM or U2 fans ?
  2. i feel so sorry for our fellow fans from the states...not looking forward for european presale..maybe until then they will figure out they messed it all up and need to reconsider how they treat their most loyal fans. This today was a complete fiasco !!
  3. all of this is today has been nothing but a huge disrespect of their most loyal fans..shame on them !!


  4. Hello to all you nice u2 fans ! the last few years/tours i just have this feeling as being ripped of from our favourite band...ticket prices rocketing, merchandise prices as they are all designer pieces, etc., delivery fees as if you ordered a train and not t-shirt, waiting for your order for months... And now the newest, needing to renew a valid subscription in order to get a presale code (for only 2 tix), needing to order the cd or vinyl to get 2 more codes, the whole additional time, stress, costs, searching for accurate information ? Certain EU countries are valid for t
  5. needed it settle down for a few days.... its just to radio friendly, not to say simple. I think it has potential in some other version/production/arrangment. I really don't understand the urge they have to send out something like this. I mean, you have all the possibilty and resources to put out whatever you want...you already made the money, the name, history, why would you want to do this after 40 years ??? somebody needs to remind them of who their fans are, don't they look at the crowd at the concerts and see the profile of the people ? blackout is a bit better but sti
  6. U2.com once again showed just how lame they are...they didn't even post links from the concert list for the official ticket sale partner...and the resale starts tomorrow morning.
  7. Hi, i would be interested...however, block P row D..the block should be 3 digit number ? Also, if its an e ticket don't you need to swipe your CC at the entrance. Thx for the info.
  8. Need 1 GA for London 6 (03.11.)
  9. Hi Mr Cup, i have 2 seating tickets for London 5 (02.11.) BLOCK 106, Row P, Seat 176 and 177. Interesting ? Also one question, how do you think to do this as the GA's are paperless and you need to swipe your CC. ?
  10. i thought i couldn't get more screwed up with their policy but here it comes again. To clarify, i have been saving up this presale code for the Dublin shows and after being a paid member for practiclly decades already was pretty sure that with the 'experience' status i will get the tix in a second. But no, now everyone from ireland can get ti before me and anybody who joined the u2.com club yesterday has the same chance. Will never again extend my subscription, will not even try to get the Dublin tix, major disappointment ! Bono doesn't need to thank me for 500 pounds again.
  11. Hi people, have one GA for Berlin 1 (24.09.) and need 1 GA for London 6 (03.11) Trade only ! thx
  12. Hi people, have one GA for Berlin 1 (24.09.) and need 1 GA for London 6 (03.11) Trade only ! thx
  13. they will probably say its due to ticketmaster and they can't do much....such a shame !
  14. i guess this how a lot of us are feeling now...including the children and job parts
  15. Croatia...1h20min to go..no code
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