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  1. Thanks MadMax, but I have seated tickets. The email has links to "Go Mobile" and "Print-at-Home (Ticketfast®)" but the print link only shows the order, not the tickets. The text on the order page is "Just click the link that we will email to you to get your tickets right away and print them out yourself." That sounds like I should already have this email? Or will we get another email? DOes anyone have experience with tickets in Belfast (via ticketmaster.ie)?
  2. Hi, I bought tickets for Belfast via the 'album presale' page. The order is visible in my TM account, but the tickets don't show and I can't print them. All lnks seem to go to the receipt and none to the tickets. Is this normal or should I contact customer service? Tnx.
  3. Good to read all this, as we're going to Belfast as well
  4. Couldn't they at least use a HTTPS encrypted page to make the TM connection?
  5. I have 1 eTicket available. GA, 30 July, 77 euro (face value + service costs). Please PM me if you are interested.
  6. We got 2 tickets for Amsterdam now, but still no show for Twickenham.
  7. This is ridiculous! No tickets at all for London or Amsterdam in the Wired group. My friend is trying from work in The Netherlands (I bought mine yesterday with Red Hill codes). What is the point of having this presale if it's the same mess as the normal sale?
  8. The advantage will probably be for the band, so they can shoot a video with all younger people in it!
  9. I've just received an email from TM. "We have a dedicated line set up to deal with U2 student queries. Please call us on (number) and one of our team will be happy to assist." I won't post the number, they'll probably send it to everyone who contacted them by email. Good luck to you all!!! Astrid
  10. I still don't have a reply. I'll try to phone them tomorrow. How did you guys-with-replies contact them? I used the contact form and then the 'exchange'. option
  11. Hi Cassie, Is that a reply from TM? Did you fill in the form, or contact them via another way? I haven't heard from them yet. Thanks, Astrid
  12. Repeat: To find the contact form, search for 'student ticket' in the FAQ. The 'Contact' button appears on the tab on the right.
  13. I didn't see anything during the buying process about 'Student'. If so many of us got them, perhaps it WAS a technical error? Could you all please contact Ticketmaster and tell them about it? To find the contact form, search for 'student ticket' in the FAQ. The 'Contact' button appears on the tab on the right.
  14. I don't see a chat option on the site but I did find a way to email them. Thanks. If someone here can help change my tickets from Student to normal GA, please do! They are the same price, I checked!
  15. I lost my seated tickets for Dublin 4 because FF didn't allow the page to refresh. Then I searched again in another browser for standing tickets 'Best available'. I was overjoyed to see 2 tickets appear for what I thought was the normal standing price. But after I finished it suddenly said 'Student tickets - student ID required'. Can someone help? I can't reach Ticketmaster. Thanks! Astrid
  16. I didn't get any email. It will probably arrive after the event , as usual here. But I wish they would just cross out the access code on the tours page if it's invalid, as they did with the 360 tour.
  17. I was in the GA in Amsterdam and from what I could see the Red Zone was between the catwalk and the normal GA, and close to the 'main' stage.
  18. I would love a center stage! ZIggoDome yet to be published I guess but looks good. I was there just this weekend
  19. ZiggoDome Amsterdam prices range from 33 to 180 (280 Red zone). GA is 71,50 (all in Euros), service cost included
  20. Whre did you see those price ranges? I can't find anything about pricing or seating options.
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