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    Music, Comedy, Comic books, and food.
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    Joshua Tree (Deluxe Edition)
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    I Still Haven't Found / Standup Comedy
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    Joshua Tree tour in Texas
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    360 in Tampa, Florida
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    matchbox twenty

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  1. Not new, but haven't posted in a while. U2 rocks! You are loved!
  2. We separated about one month ago. I will always love her, but enough is/was enough. Please pray we both heal from the emotional turmoil during our 15 years married.
  3. I'm happy to hear of new stuff dropping, but I won't hold my breath on any release date, especially since Bono hinted at one. LOL! I truly love their music, but know better than bet on the words of The Fly / MacPhisto. LOL!
  4. After watching Kevin Smith's 'An Evening With' DVD, I was inspired to create this picture.
  5. Me, as a comic / cartoon character ... LOL
  6. Inspired by my online comic strip, there's currently a retro style side scrolling video game in development. The programming and production are taking forever, but here's a first look at my character in the game.
  7. one of my comic strip alter egos.
  8. I self publish a comic strip online, titled COLOR ME CONFUSED. This is another sample of it. I hope you enjoy.
  9. Created to use here at U2.com
  10. i'll probably get twice as much spam, but that's cool ...
  11. I do a comic strip for my website, aka www.bobspelledbackwards.com, myspace, and facebook.
  12. The last week of January, we moved into a nice 3 bedroom 2 bath house. We had simply outgrown our other place. The new place is only a few streets away from the old place, so after several trips back and forth, we are finally settling in to the new house. My computer area is starting to look cool too.
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