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  1. I caved and listened. I love it! The Black Out, The best Thing and Get out of your own Way, don't really sound like the rest of the album! I was trying so hard to be strong and not listen but I had a moment of weakness and now i can't stop listening!
  2. I believe the end of the redemption period is midday tomorrow GMT.
  3. I just recieved an email telling me I wasnt lucky!! Damn!!!
  4. Yep! I already know i'll be gutted if I dont get to go. Apparently the gig will be about 40 mins long and in front of 7000!!
  5. Hi Mike. Great way to spend your birthday!
  6. After all morning and afternoon of trying, I've literally just managed to get a GA ticket from ticketmaster !! They must released a ticket drop!
  7. GA ticket drop on ticketmaster just now! Managed to get one after all day trying!! Woo hoo!
  8. Axs have seats and GA still available.
  9. GA for 25th still available as I type. Can't afford it myself and already going twice, but so tempted!!
  10. GA available for sunday 25th on AXS right now!!
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