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  1. Ok, you people asked for it... this list also includes festival appearances, and may need to be edited over time! U2 (x3 Aug 09) Rolling Stones Paul McCartney REM (x2) The Who Brian Wilson Bob Dylan James Brown Oasis (x5 July 09) Michael Jackson (July 09) Coldplay (x3 September 09) Bruce Springsteen (x2 June 09) Radiohead (x4 Aug 09) Muse (x3) The Killers (x4) Red Hot Chilli Peppers Foo Fighters (x2) 1 Feat. Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones Smashing Pumpkins (x2) Rage Against The Machine The Verve Kings Of Leon (x5 Aug 09) Arctic Monkeys (x5 Aug 09) Bloc Party (x7 Oct 09) The Strokes (x2) Editors (x4) Kasabian (x5 July 09) Arcade Fire (x3) The Cribs (x7) The Futureheads (x3) Yeah Yeah Yeahs Ryan Adams (x5) Hope of The States (x7) Green Day Sigur Ros Interpol (x2) I'll come back to this....
  2. What are people's views on this? Still got it, past it? Do the 'allegations' deter you? Will anybody be trying for tickets? I've just recieved my presale code via text!
  3. Wont MPEG Streamclip convert it to mpeg2, then you could put it onto dvd (I've never tried this however). It might not look too clever, depends theresolution of the mpeg4. What software do you plan to use to do the dvd?
  4. I PM'd Bajagirl about this and got thefollowing answer... Q) Hi, was just wondering if you've any info on the deadline for subscription in order to make me elligible for the presale?Id planned to do it before monday... but low and behold it looks like its already ended. A) no no word yet. If you are renewing, the lowed price ends today. If its a new upgrade or reactivation, doesnt matter when for the price, but i do notknow the cutoff Last tour it was the day the tour was announced. Anyone that joined before gotpresale. I DO NOT know if that will be the case this time around. It does still state here that subscription will buy you access to thepresale, and certainly does not mention anything of any deadlines.
  5. Im currently awaiting my box set in the post, what format is the download in?
  6. Can somebody either confirm or deny this? I'd planned to subscribe this weekend, assuming it would be too late come the announcement on monday, and will begutted if i miss out on tickets.
  7. How shit do you think that looks and sounds on the ground? Good on tv though i guess.
  8. meweavy wrote: i expect it will be higher in the u.k probably between £60-80($116).once ticketmaster put booking fees and delivery charges on it. we always seem to pay more then the u,s for tickets for some reason. I seem to remember my vertigo ticket for Twickenham costing £77. That was nearly 4 years ago. Given everybody and their dog has put their ticketprices up in the last year or so (coldplay, radiohead, oasis to name but a few), Im expecting them to be in the £80-£100 bracket with booking fees etc.
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