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  1. I am so grateful for the Apollo show as it was the only time I heard it live among the shows I attended this past June/July.
  2. I was blessed and fortunate to have made it there - literally at the last minute. What a cherished memory.
  3. U2 Apollo Setlist Lights Of Home I Will Follow Gloria 2 Hearts Beat As One People Get Ready Pride American Soul Love Is Bigger Than Anything In It’s Way One I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For When Love Comes to Town Angel of Harlem All I Want Is You 13
  4. The Harlem Tavern is on 116th Street I& 8th Avenue/Frederick Douglass Blvd (outdoor &I indoor seating) , and Angel of Harlem Restaurant 2272 Frederick Douglass Blvd, corner of 122nd Street.
  5. Those of us who haven't won can all convene at the Harlem Tavern on 116th Street :).
  6. LOL, l've been a fan club member since 1986, but was not selected. Oh well....
  7. When I asked Bono and Edge to do a show three years ago, it was a sincere request. I would love to be there...here's hoping that it will be a special moment for everyone lucky enough to attend.
  8. I have an itinerary for them:Sunday in the AM - Take in church services at Shiloh Baptist ChurchBrunch at Angel of Harlem RestaurantSoundcheck at the ApolloDinner at Sylvia'sMonday in the AM - Visit the Schomburg CenterReview the Works Progress Administration's Federal Art Project at Harlem HospitalLunch at the Red RoosterAnother soundcheck before the showStart the R&R show - with SOUL!
  9. Before the show, the guys should take in brunch at this lovely place located in the heart of Harlem: http://www.angelofharlemnyc.com/
  10. The contest is for Sirius XM members who've already belonged to the program prior to April 25h (If I read it correctly), so my new subscription does not count. Regardless, I wish the best to those who are blessed to attend the event :).
  11. Of course not. As I indicated in a post, I respect that it's a business decision to do this private show, but am disappointed that fans who don't subscribe to Sirius XM won't be able to enjoy this historic event. I am definitely looking forward to the shows I have coming up, but seeing them at the Apollo would have been a special memory for me.
  12. I understand that this was business decision, yet I am disappointed that the general fan base does not have an opportunity to see them by purchasing tickets - especially in my case (it has been my dream to see them there). The farthest I've traveled to see U2 is Montreal, but ironically, I cannot see them Harlem at the Apollo, and I grew up not to far from there. ?
  13. A dream has almost come true....Three years ago when U2 were in New York for their I&E tour, I waited with countless other fans to meet them on July 18, 2015. When Bono came out, he signed my sign and Billie Holiday postcard. I am so shy, but I wrestled up the courage to tell him that I am U2's #1 fan (everyone says that), that I grew up in Harlem, and wished that they'd come perform at the Apollo Theatre. When I met Edge, I also asked him about the Apollo. Today while at work, I received a text from a friend informing me that U2 will perform at the Apollo this June (sponsored by Sirius).
  14. Whether it's one more CD, or ten, I appreciate their work and how it's uplifted me. Please come to the Apollo Theatre :).
  15. The songs that hold my attention, in this order, are: Red Flag Day Blackout Lights of Home (I just don't like the chorus at the end) Little Things
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