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  1. The only paid meet & greet that we have done was for Stonesour, it was not expensive & they were all very cool guys especially Corey Taylor. Would I pay to meet U2? I suspect that if they did start offering it as part of VIP packages that the cost would be so prohibitive that I would probably not do it. I've been very lucky to have met Bono & The Edge, Bono was very rushed & a bit chaotic outside The Clarence a couple of days after a show at Croke Park on the Vertigo tour, he looked like he was still drunk from the night before & I had to help him into his car but he did say thanks & I got a handshake so I was stoked. I met The Edge at JFK airport a few years ago, we were on our way back to London but via Dublin so were flying Aer Lingus. We were in the business class lounge waiting for our flight & I'd gone to the restroom, as I was washing my hands a guy walked up to the sink next to the one I was using, he said hello & we exchanged a few words & ended up walking out at the same time, I kept thinking to myself that I knew him but I couldn't think from where. When I finally realised who it was I laughed & told him that I'd finally figured out who he was & that I was a big fan, we chatted for a while longer & I got his autograph, he was really down to earth, no security, he was travelling with what I assume was his P.A. He ended up sitting a couple of rows behind us when we boarded & was escorted off the plane when we landed in Dublin. He was virtually anonymous, unless you were looking for him, you could have been sitting next to him & would probably not have realised who it was.
  2. Feel free to drop me a PM anytime, we live in Ascot (Not a million miles from Windsor) & will be taking the train both days. Would not consider any other option for getting to Twickenham.
  3. When I was queuing to pick up my wristband at Glasgow on the second night on the I & E tour, the guy before me in the queue won. As happy as I was for him & his wife, I was absolutely gutted that I'd missed out by one person.
  4. Springsteen played Wembley last year & all seating was reserved so that's not the reason. Possibly something to do with the sound at Wembley being absolutely appalling or possibly they couldn't get the stadium for the dates that they wanted. I prefer Twickenham, it's a much better venue for gigs IMHO, having seen U2, The Police & Iron Maiden there in the past.
  5. Yes, they checked the tickets but as they didn't hand out the wristbands until later in the day it wasn't an issue for people. As I said, there is absolutely no guarantee that they will do what they did for the Vertigo gigs, so please don't base your plans on this, my advice would be to keep an eye on the official Twickenham web site for info. As for there being a pit or not, unless someone can get into the stadium & take a photo the day before we will not know until the day of the gig.
  6. The last time they played at Twickenham (Vertigo) we turned up between 7:30 - 8:00 for the Saturday gig & joined a fairly small group of people (200 - 250). At 9am the security guards blocked us in & told everyone that nobody else would be allowed to join the queue that we were in & also that we were guaranteed entry to the pit / inner circle. Anyone else who showed up early was made to queue in another area separate to where we where. They posted security guards at the front & end of the queue & you checked in & out with them when going to the toilet & or for food, they wrist banded us about an hour or two before the gates opened & then walked us in & onto the pitch & then into the inner circle. The net result of this was the most chilled & relaxed day I have spent queuing to get in to any stadium gig in my life. Obviously there is no guarantee that they will be doing this again & from what I've seen online from the gigs in the States there isn't a pit other than the Red Zone so who's knows what will happen. We have seats this time round on the Saturday & Red Zone on the Sunday, to say I am relieved at not having to queue all day is an understatement. Good luck to those of you that are planning on queuing & I'd suggest keeping an eye on the official Twickenham web site on the day's leading up to the gigs as they usually post details of queuing arrangements for gigs.
  7. No pit / inner circle at the gigs in the States so far. I seem to remember seeing a seat plan for Dublin which showed a pit but that was back when the tickets went onsale.
  8. Tell him not to even think about trying to drive to Twickenham, he won't get close to the stadium & all of the roads leading to it will be closed on both days. Tell him to get a taxi to Windsor & get the train from Windsor & Eton Riverside station, it will take about 20 - 30 minutes to get to Twickenham. Coming back he will also be able to bypass the huge queue of people getting trains into London because he'll be getting a train in the opposite direction. PM me if you have any specific questions.
  9. I would echo what an earlier person said, don't even think about using taxis or Uber, get the train from Waterloo out to Twickenham, the stadium is about a 10 minute walk away. On the way back if you are out with the first batch of people & get to the station quickly & there is no queue then get in line & wait, if not & the queue is enormous, head for the platform with trains going away from London, get the first train & then get off at the next station, cross over to the platform with trains heading back into London & grab the first train. I live to the West of London in Ascot so luckily for me whenever I am at Twickenham for rugby matches or gigs I get to walk past the huge London bound queues & am usually on the first train heading West that comes into the station. PM me if you have any more specific questions. The police & the stewards are used to dealing with huge crowds at Twickenham so they usually have things well organised
  10. I feel your pain, the presale process has been very painful this time round particularly if you were trying to get Red Zone tickets. Last week was a shambles for Twickenham, I spent the best part of an hour & ended up going for seats in the end, my mate had more luck this morning & managed to get 3 RZ for the second Twickenham show but it looks like that was down to luck based on what people are reporting on here. This time last week I was ready to walk away, I'd had enough of the difficulties that we seem to go through each & every tour at presale time, I'm still not happy about the way things have been handled & the fact that nobody seems willing to get involved or take responsibility for the problems that fan club members have to endure.
  11. My friend got 3 RZ for Twickenham on the Sunday, which makes up for last weeks shambles. Saying that I feel for the people who didn't get, it really should not be this difficult in a fan club presale, at some point people are going to say enough is enough. We have ended up with seats for Saturday & RZ for Sunday, happy days.
  12. I would be very surprised, other than a nice souvenir ticket you didn't get anything on the I & E tour.
  13. Completely agree with you. It's the same every tour when it comes to Pre Sale time, there is some kind of screw up, long term fans get shafted & nothing get's done to rectify the situation. Yesterday's Twickenham pre sale was a fiasco with regards to the RZ tickets, as of the day before people were pointing out that there was not a separate link for them like there was for Dublin & yet nothing was done about it. I spent the best part of an hour from 9am trying to figure out what was going on before I managed to get a link that worked & by that time they had gone, when I then tried for normal GA's they had gone as well, I've ended up in seats which look pretty decent but it's not what I wanted, but at that time & after an hour of trying I was not prepared to run the risk of being shut out. The fact that Live Nation / Ticketmaster then managed to screw up some of the American pre sales later on the same day is amazing, what were they doing or as I suspect do they really not care because they know the gigs will sell out so what's a few angry die hard fans in the grand scheme of things? Yesterday left a bad taste in my mouth & for the first time ever when it comes to U2 I am thinking long & hard if I can be bothered to go through this crap for the next tour, I've already decided that if a second Twickenham show goes on sale that I'll be giving it a miss & I only live 20 minutes away from the place.
  14. I'm not having a go at you personally. Yesterday was a fiasco which could have & should have been avoided, the way that Red Zone tickets for Twickenham were handled was a disgrace, people were pointing it out that Dublin had separate links for the Red Zone the day before & yet nothing was done about it. If Live Nation / Ticketmaster & the U2 organisation keep biting the hand that feeds them i.e. the die hard fans that pay their subscriptions year in year out & attend multiple shows on every tour, at some point these people will decide that enough is enough & walk. I've been a fan for more years than I care to remember & have seen numerous shows on every tour since War, yet after yesterdays events I am seriously considering bailing, I'm sick of this c**p every time they tour when the presales happen, they never get it right & there is always some problem & it never gets fixed. There will be no statement from Live Nation / Ticketmaster & the U2 organisation about yesterday's problems in Europe & the States that affected long standing fan club members because they simply do not care, these gigs will sell out especially in the States due to the nostalgia factor, the band get to bank a few more million as do the promoters & that is all that matters to them. All we want is an acknowledgement that someone messed up & an apology, will that happen?
  15. who promised an 'official statement'? It was mentioned several times on the posts yesterday. Apologies the thread has not been deleted so I have removed my post. Can we assume that nothing will be done & with regards to yesterdays problems & that once again we've been screwed over by Live Nation / Ticketmaster / U2 when it comes to pre sales?
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