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  1. Wow Sal - great pics - especially love this one of Larry - I think he looks younger here, and softer than in other pics. Basically just really good
  2. Just have to say Barbara - certain soports are more known for it but in the tennis world - my sister in law works at the Australian open - there have been problems there every year for as long as I've known her between certain national groups. Not as out of hand as what is going on in Vancouver but as others have said - I don't think it's necessarily about the sport at all - it is thugs using that as a cover to create trouble. It is really sad.
  3. Get On Your Boots (Live from BBC Headquaters Rooftop 2009) 3/5 Never really got into this song when it came out - I think it gets a lot of the blame for the album not taking off and that's probably true. It seemed a bit try hard and didn't really have the depth that a lot of u2 songs do - seemed kinda like try-hard and shallow. Anyway - I guess live performances saved it a bit - still don't like the album version but it actually kind of works live, has a lot of energy and is fun to jump to.
  4. Lemon (Jeep Mix) Okay - I love Lemon. It was a rather recent discovery for me - it wasn't until the start of this year when I really started getting into the 90s stuff that I realised what an awesome song it was and I listen to it almost daily now (and love love love the video clip for it!). love the Perfecto mix that played during that zoo tv shows - so cool!! However, not a massive fan of the jeep mix - I don't hate it exactly but it really doesn't live up to how great this song was before so I;d give it a 3.5/5. (The original would get a well deserved 6/5)
  5. Miracle Drug (Live version from u2.communication) 5/5 Love this song. Probably my favourite off HTDAAB (maybe equal first with Original of the Species) - has great lyrics: "I want to see your thoughts take shape and walk right out" "Of science and the human heart, there is no limit" Love this live version - wish it stayed in the setlist this tour because it is a great song.
  6. Bullet The Blue Sky (Live From Boston 2001) Okay - when I was first getting into U2 Joshua Tree was my first U2 album (and is still my favourite) but I used to skip over Bullet - it was the one song I didn't really like (I guess it was too much rock for me as a teenager - I wanted to hear the anthems and the love songs and I found this kind of harsh). It was funny because I remember trying to convert my brother to U2 and he loved Bullet which was one of the few songs I didn't like. But - then I heard the live versions of it and that changed it. Love the intro to the versions during elevation tour, love Edge's guitar solos, love it as part of the trilogy during Vertigo (Love And Peace, SBS, Bullet). Plus the lyrics are great 'Plant a demon seed, raise a flower of fire' So - still not my favourite album track but takes off live so I'll give it 4/5.
  7. Hot ebay purchases arriving - it's like finding a present waiting for you in the mail box when you get home Friends filling my inbox with funny emails to help pass the boredom of Friday afternoon at work. Sis coming to visit me next weekend Not Feeling unfit and uncoordinated at soccer University lecturers unhelpful (aka useless! - is that a prerequisite for the job?) & dont answer emails.
  8. Electrical Storm 5/5 (I'd go for 6/5 if I could ) Love this song - one of my top 5 u2 songs. I'm not exactly sure what it is - great music, love the lyrics, love Bono's voice in it. "Let's see colours that have never been seen, let's go to places no one else has been...' The video clip is pretty awesome too! So they played it live 3 times near the start of this tour then it disappeared - I would love for them to bring it back so I could see it live
  9. Gone 5/5 (I think I'm gonna have a lot of those ) Okay - this year I have gotten a new appreciation for the whole 90s trilogy. I used to like various songs from there but generally overlooked a lot of it especially Pop. Gone is a song I had kind of overlooked for a long time in my u2 listening but now I really like it. Think the live version on Popmart DVD is great lso really like the 'new mix' on the best of album.
  10. Great idea for a thread Mac! Okay - doing this on my ipod I had to skip a few live songs that came up 'cause I though it would be best to stick with studio songs. So first album song today is: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 5/5 I'm a Joshua Tree girl - it was the album that got me into U2 (not when it was initially released, because it actually beat me into the world, but when I finally discovered their music many eyars later) so I gotta love this song. I remember shortly after getting into U2 I found JT on vinyl at an RSL markets while staying with my sister and I got soo excited about buying. I grew up in the CD/mp3 generation so that was the first vinyl I owned and I remember be so careful with it on the train all the way home (which is funny because it was about 18 years old and hardly in mint condition) and as soon as I got home made my Dad show me how to play it on his old record player. Sitting there listening to that record for the first time I realised the difference between a song on its own and a song as a part of a whole album (don't know if that makes any sense but it was the first time that I realised that an album could be much more than just the sum of its parts). Anyway, I tend to think of any of those songs as part of that album now like chapters in a book. I also love the version on Rattle and Hum - love that part of the movie where they are practising with the gospel choir - just makes the song something more. As for live - have seen it 5 times now (from 6 shows) - and I kind of love that part of the show - being part of a choir of 50000 people singing it - it is pretty cool. Okay - that was fun. Thanks Mac. See you tomorrow
  11. Your tickets will be good for the reschedueled date for that show - what shows do you have tickets for?
  12. (((Mich))) thinking of you and everyone who's been affected by this.
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