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  1. I'm hungry - is that a mood?
  2. Damn! I have had similar things happen to me (though it's really my own fault for writing in my planner or something and then never actually looking in there again!). Good luck with it!
  3. I'm in a procrastinating mood - I've gotten in this habit of having nothing to do at work so instead of being proactive and finding something I just spend all my time on U2 forusm (which are very quiet at this time of day - probably because it's night time in certain places - or maybe just because this place is always quiet these days...)
  4. 49637 So bored at work - haven't played on the counting thread since the days of the games folder on the old vertigo zoo - I really miss that place
  5. Lol - I can't even get to Perth but I'm still hanging around waiting for the announcement because I'm intrigued.
  6. [quote name='zosia01 wrote: SandSCreative']Here we go again – another shot at getting tickets ahead of the pack for the biggest show the world has ever seen - the U2 360° Tour with very special guest JAY-Z. Presale commences Wednesday 8th September at 15:00 LOCAL time and will run until Thursday 9th September at 12:00 LOCAL time. Or of course until the strictly limited allocation sells out. Use the links below for your venue, and use the password BOOT when prompted. TICKET INFO DECEMBER 2010 3rd - Etihad Stadium, MELBOURNE (STANDING) http://www.ticketmaster.c...5004519F5EE253A?did=live 3rd - Etihad Stadium, MELBOURNE (SEATED) http://www.ticketmaster.c...538?did=live%20?did=live 9th - Suncorp Stadium, BRISBANE http://premier.ticketek.c.../show.aspx?sh=U2PRESAL10 14th - ANZ Stadium, SYDNEY http://premier.ticketek.c.../show.aspx?sh=U2PRESAL10 Is there a link to the Auckland Livenation Presale TIA The Auckland presale was yesterday - they didn't send out emails - apparently they had a link on facebook for a couple of minutes (I didn't see it but it was the same as the first presale) - doesn't seem to be working anymore so I think it's over. Sorry.
  7. Jangles - that really sucks!! - really hope you have some luck in the LN presale or general sale.
  8. [quote name='Lemonhead wrote: tul wrote: Lemonhead wrote:tul']i checked on ticketmaster's website and they said that the red zone tickets will only be available through them. so does this mean that the red zone is unavailable through the fan pre-sale? All tickets are only available through them so it does not mean much. sorry but i dont quite get what you mean. could you clarify please? Your pre-sale code will direct you to the ticketmaster site who are the only people selling the tickets (I'm excluding radio stations and the likes). So that's what I mean that all tickets are only available through them (GA, seats and Red Zone) so at this time it's impossible to know if the Red Zone tickets will be available or not during the pre-sale. Hope that's clear (?) I can't remember where it was posted but apparently red zone is being sold via auction and will not be available in presale.
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