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  1. No,not saying you aren't. Passion is the key, look at U2 they probably didn't ever think they were the best and most phenomenal artists to grace the earth. It really has to do with passion. Think about how passionate you are about your art, even if YOU may think it's not quite up to par.  Your drawing said something and you were able to convey it in such a way we are still chatting about it! And it is U2 relatable!


  2. https://twitter.com/CCTabet/status/902968666261774337

    18 minutes ago, pain_18_ said:

    Haven't I told you about how I anticipate Bono's lyrics and themes before each album....but I usually just couldn't get the time to draw all those years before.....this time I wanted to prove nail it, looks like I did it ????

    Love it! It's all fun, be humble and grateful for this gift. Think from time to time I have found there is something to this. There is no them, only us. :)



  3. 5 hours ago, pain_18_ said:

    Other than that.....It's not a sketch, it's a full-grown drawing and that thing is NOT a spider...it's a hole in the wall...... Or a stone somebody threw and it got stuck in the wall.....anything but a spider..........

    I don't even put spiders in my drawings......

    Thanks for clarifying. I hate spiders too, found one on my gate this spring..it was very large and strange...almost tarantula type, and it was on my gate exactly where I place my fingers to open it...so strange because I have never seen the kind of spider around before. The postman was nearby upon my discovery and he couldn't get over how big and strange looking it was..but yeah..I told him to be careful because I am always finding them in my postbox.

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